United States Patent and Trademark Office OG Notices: 22 October 2002

                             Notice of Change in
                        Free Publication Format for the
                       General Requirements Bulletin for
                       Registration Examination and the
                       Examination Questions and Answers

   Notice is hereby given that the United States Patent and
Trademark Office (USPTO) will discontinue the free publication and
distribution of the paper version of the General Requirements Bulletin
for Admission to the Examination for Registration to Practice in Patent
Cases Before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (Bulletin),
as well as the Examination questions and answers. Electronic
publication via the Internet will replace the free printed copy.

   The electronic publication of the documents has commenced. The
printed Bulletin will be available from the Office of Enrollment and
Discipline (OED) as single copies for $15.00 per copy. Each of the
three immediately previous examinations is also available from OED as
single copies for $30.00 per copy.

   Background: The USPTO has published the Bulletin,
and the examination questions and answers for many years. They are
published in conjunction with each administration of the registration
examination. The Bulletin contains general information and instructions
for applying for the examination. The Bulletin has been distributed in
printed form for free for years. The examination questions and answers
in paper form also were distributed in paper form for free to those who
did not pass an examination. In addition, the Bulletin, and the
examination questions and answers have been distributed electronically
for several years. However, the distribution has awaited the
availability of the documents in printed form.

   Explanation for the Change: In view of the
widespread access to computers and the Internet and in accordance with
the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, the USPTO will discontinue free
distribution of a printed copy of the Bulletin, and the examination
question and answers. The public and the USPTO will realize
efficiencies. The Bulletin, and examination questions and answers may
be distributed on the Internet as they become available without
awaiting the printing of thousands of paper copies. For example, the
public could obtain and submit applications more quickly, while OED
could devote more of its limited resources to processing incoming
applications, as opposed to dividing those resources between processing
applications, and printing and mailing applications and other printed
documents that already are available on the Internet. To achieve these
efficiencies, mass production and free distribution of the printed
documents is eliminated. The documents will be available in paper form
for a fee. Effective immediately, electronic publication via the
Internet will replace the free distribution by paper. The electronic
and printed copy will be published on a concurrent basis.

   The information provided by the electronic products will be
unchanged from the traditional printed copy. Users will continue to be
able to type directly into the Application Form (PTO 158) and
Undertaking Form (PTO 275) on a computer. After typing the information
into the form on the computer, users may print the form(s) locally at
their printers, sign the forms and submit them in accordance with the
instructions in the Bulletin.

   The advantages offered by an electronic format will enable
greater efficiencies and economies. Some of these advantages include:
quicker access to the application or examination upon availability
without awaiting the printing of the document and receipt in the mail;
increasing resources devoted to processing applications and other
incoming communications, and eliminating the necessity to print and
store large quantities of publications twice each year. The electronic
information can be easily printed or saved for future use.

   The Bulletin will be published on the Internet and distributed
on its issue date. The examination questions and answers, as in the
past, will be available on the Internet shortly after the examination
results are mailed to the individuals who take the examination.

   The Bulletin for the April 2003 registration examination was
made available on the Internet on September 20, 2002. For further
information, contact OED, 703-306-4097.

September 20, 2002                                           HARRY I. MOATZ
                                      Director of Enrollment and Discipline