United States Patent and Trademark Office OG Notices: 26 February 2002

                     37 CFR    1.47 Notice by Publication

   Notice is hereby given of the filing of the following
applications with a petition under 37 CFR    1.47 requesting the
acceptance of the application without the signature of all inventors
or, if the inventor is deceased, the legal representative of the
deceased inventor. The petition in each application has been granted. A
notice has been sent to the last known address of the non-signing
inventor or legal representative. The inventors or legal
representatives whose signatures are missing may join in the
application by promptly filing an oath or declaration complying with 37
CFR    1.63.

Application Filing        Non-Signing
No.         Date           Inventor(s)               Title of Invention

29/108,169  July 21, 1999  Alan Michael Girard       Drum Storage Container

29/130,928  Aug. 13, 2000  Mauro Tomasi              Keyboard Attachable To
                           Peter Kossev              Mobile Phone

09/185,296  Nov. 3, 1998   Mayjue A. Yamamoto        Adjustable Attachment

09/208,785  Dec. 10, 1998  Paul A. Cowan             Wireless Software
                                                     Upgrades With Version

09/219,796  Dec. 23, 1998  Emilio Bianco             Structure Of A Diary
                                                     Of High Practicality
                                                     Of Use

09/289,654  Apr. 12, 1999  Shih-Hsun Lang            Operation Input Buffer
                           C. B. Chen                Means For High Voltage

09/337,513  June 22, 1999  Bohumil Lojek             Non-Volatile
                                                     Semiconductor Memory

09/346,403  July 1, 1999   Cheng-Nan Chern           Priority Access
                                                     Channel Reservation

09/379,819  Aug. 24, 1999  Michelangelo Delfino      Radioactive Medical
                                                     Implant And Method Of

09/390,689  Sep. 7, 1999   Kasuhiro Baba             Fastening Device For
                                                     Joining Two Plates

09/392,944  Sep. 9, 1999   John J. Senkevich         Near-Room Temperature
                                                     CVD Synthesis Of
                                                     Organic Polymer/Oxide

09/413,211  Oct. 5, 1999   Randall N. Robinson       Method For Nuclear
                                                     Power Plant System

09/428,155  Oct. 27, 1999  Cynthia C. Bamdad         Detection Of Target
                                                     Analytes Using
                                                     Particles And

09/586,121  June 2, 2000   Steve D. Blackburn        Medical Transport
                           David M. Lindberg         Services Triage
                           Michael R. Gunderson      System And Method

09/597,704  June 16, 2000  Frederic Artru            Communications
                                                     Controller And Method

09/614,223  July 11, 2000  Therese Saliba            Distributed
                                                     Application Load
                                                     Distribution Aid Tool

09/614,971  July 12, 2000  Damon A. Permezel         Secure Automatic
                                                     Update Of Installed
                                                     Software For Internet
                                                     Personal Access

09/615,251  July 13, 2000  Salvadore J. Guarino      Low Wake Foil Assisted

09/624,922  July 25, 2000  Robert Portman            Composition For
                                                     Extending Post Meal

09/640,436  Aug. 17, 2000  Hermann F. Wittman        Display Devices

09/644,345  Aug. 23, 2000  Tom Dizoglio              Method And Device
                                                     With DVD And HTML
                                                     Control Environments

09/644,823  Aug. 21, 2000  James Harwood             Method And System For
                                                     Locating A Lost Person
                                                     Or Lost Personal

09/645,200  Aug. 25, 2000  David B. West             Integrated Tunable
                                                     Fabry-Perot Filter
                                                     And Method Of
                                                     Making Same

09/648,947  Aug. 25, 2000  Abed Charaand             Aircraft Cabin
                                                     Telephony Test Unit

09/649,261  Aug. 28, 2000  Hong Tsan Lee             Method And Apparatus
                                                     For Compact Disc

09/649,313  Aug. 28, 2000  Hong Tsan Lee             Method And Apparatus
                                                     For Compact Disc

09/649,894  Aug. 28, 2000  Hong Tsan Lee             Method And Apparatus
                                                     For Synchronizing
                                                     A Write-Start

09/650,953  Aug. 29, 2000  Janos Pados               Modulating Fuel Gas

09/651,554  Aug. 30, 2000  Chad Brandon Mason        Web-Based Method And
                                                     System For Selecting
                                                     Voltage Regulator
                                                     Control Configurations

09/655,408  Sep. 5, 2000   David A. Barnes           Aggregation Of System
                           Isaac J. Heizer           Settings Into Objects
                           Roxanne M. Lehman
                           Mark A. Malamud
                           Chris E. Tobey
                           Eric L. Van Doren

09/656,998  Sep. 7, 2000   Antonio C.F. Critsinelis  Method For Installing
                                                     And Undersea Catenary

09/658,140  Sep. 8, 2000   Nhan T. Nguyen            Extendable Planar
                           Carlos Rios               Diversity Antenna

09/664,811  Sep. 19, 2000  Jeffrey G.                Markel System And
                                                     Method For
                                                     Distribution Of
                                                     Telephone Audio Via A
                                                     Computer Network

09/668,563  Sep. 22, 2000  Calvin W. McCausland      Heating Device For
                                                     Heating Semiconductor
                                                     Wafers In Thermal
                                                     Processing Chambers

09/668,623  Sep. 22, 2000  Adam Powers               System And Method For
                                                     Of A DSL Modem

09/671,861  Sep. 28, 2000  John P. Wehrle            Landing Impact
                                                     Absorbing Deployment
                                                     System For Aircraft
                                                     With Damaged Landing

09/672,393  Sep. 28, 2000  Gregory Keyes             Motor Vehicle Door

09/672,468  Sep. 28, 2000  Gregory Keyes             Motor Vehicle Door

09/675,573  Sep. 29, 2000  Mat Mathews               Streaming Media
                                                     Encoding Agent For
                                                     Temporal Modifications

09/677,445  Sep. 29, 2000  Dave Cox                  Method For
                           Kris Markel               Synchronously Binding
                                                     An External Behavior
                                                     To A Web Element

09/691,644  Oct. 18, 2000  Mike Hong                 Multi-Stage Fixed
                                                     Cycle Pipe-Lined
                                                     Lighting Equation

09/692,065  Oct. 19, 2000  Woon-Hee Hwang            Method For Processing
                                                     Synchronous Message In
                                                     Asynchronous Mobile
                                                     Communication System

09/692,514  Oct. 20, 2000  Richard A. Pollock        Apparatus And Method
                                                     For Vending Products
                                                     In A Glass Front

09/693,398  Oct. 21, 2000  Kevin Hoheisel            Constant Current
                           Mark Bloom                Biasing Circuit For
                                                     Linear Power

09/694,917  Oct. 24, 2000  Simon Yu Rheology         Modifying Copolymer

09/703,085  Oct. 31, 2000  Woodie Francis            Electrostatic Rotary
                                                     Atomizer With Integral
                                                     DC Supply

09/703,530  Nov. 1, 2000   John Whaley               Method For
                                                     Characterizing Program
                                                     Execution By Periodic
                                                     Call Stack Inspection

09/704,370  Nov. 1, 2000   William V. Madigan        Liquid Coating Systems
                                                     For metal Stock,
                                                     Metal Stock Coated
                                                     Therewith, And
                                                     Processes For
                                                     Preparing Such Coated
                                                     Metal Stock

09/706,529  Nov. 3, 2000   David A. Rice             Method For Cleaning
                                                     Blinded Filter Cloth
                                                     And Preventing Filter

09/711,131  Nov. 14, 2000  Christopher Goggin        Food Cooking System
                                                     With Ultrasonic
                                                     Rotational Basket

09/716,170  Nov. 17, 2000  James J. Alwan            Menicus Coating Of
                           Eric Knappenberger        Bead Containing
                                                     Liquid For Forming
                                                     Field Emitter Tips

09/726,152  Nov. 29, 2000  Chris Menegat             Apparatus And Methods
                                                     To Transact Commerce
                                                     Over A Network

09/728,943  Dec. 1, 2000   Guarionex Morales         Circuit Device
                                                     Utilizing An Improved
                                                     Via Liner For A
                                                     Reduction In Via

09/729,090  Dec. 5, 2000   Sandra L. Devine          Electronic Negotiation
                                                     And Fulfillment For
                                                     Package Of Financial
                                                     Products And/Or

09/735,262  Dec. 12, 2000  Ron Pomerantz             Enhanced Promotional
                                                     Television Channel

09/745,646  Dec. 22, 2000  Shmuel Melamed            Method And Apparatus
                                                     For Determining The
                                                     Order Of Streaming

09/746,877  Dec. 22, 2000  Shmuel Melamed            Apparatus And Method
                                                     For Improving The
                                                     Delivery Of Software
                                                     Applications And
                                                     Associated Data In
                                                     Web-Based Systems

09/747,260  Dec. 22, 2000  Shmuel Melamed            Method And System For
                                                     Decreasing The User-
                                                     Perceived System
                                                     Response Time In Web-
                                                     Based Systems

09/747,286  Dec. 21, 2000  Jeffrey Shimizu           Instrument Panel With
                                                     Integral Hidden Door
                                                     Cover And Method Of
                                                     In-Process Manufacture

09/748,714  Dec. 21, 2000  Nii Sowa Laye             Chemical Vapor
                                                     Deposition Methods For
                                                     Making Powders And
                                                     Coatings, And Coatings
                                                     Made Using These

09/750,835  Dec. 28, 2000  Shmuel Melamed            Method And System For
                                                     Executing Network
                                                     Streamed Application

09/751,105  Dec. 28, 2000  Shmuel Melamed            Method And System For
                                                     Streaming Software
                                                     Applications To A

09/751,190  Dec. 29, 2000  Shmuel Melamed            Streaming Of Archive

09/773,921  Feb. 2, 2001   Mark J. Licata            Sensor For

09/780,569  Feb. 12, 2001  James R. Gauger           Convertible Patient
                           Robert L. Mullins, Jr.    Isolation Pod

09/790,398  Feb. 21, 2001  Mekell Jiles              Transmission Line
                                                     Grounding Lug

09/790,476  Feb. 22, 2001  David Levassuer           Traffic Management
                                                     System And Method For
                                                     Materials Handling
                                                     Using Traffic
                                                     Balancing And Traffic

09/805,789  Mar. 13, 2001  James T. Haasch           Angled Turbulator For
                                                     Use In Heat Exchanges

09/810,705  Mar. 19, 2001  James W. Stendera         Process And Apparatus
                           David S. Viers            For Automatically
                                                     Controlling Slag

09/816,472  Mar. 26, 2001  Kumar Subramanian         Silicon Microprobe
                                                     With Integrated

09/835,216  Apr. 13, 2001  Larry J. Costa            Collapsible Storage
                                                     Tank For Liquids

09/851,006  May 8, 2001    Brian Gibbins             Systems and Methods
                                                     For Managing An Event

09/858,734  May 16, 2001   F. John Mara              Method And Apparatus
                                                     For Precisely
                                                     Dispensing Liquids

09/921,945  Aug. 3, 2001   Jonathan R. Belk          Circuit And Method For
                                                     Service Clock Recovery

09/925,229  Aug. 8, 2001   Edward A. Jesser          RFID Passive Repeater
                                                     System And Apparatus