United States Patent and Trademark Office OG Notices: 12 February 2002

                       Adverse Decisions in Interference

   In the designated interferences involving the following
patents, final decisions have been rendered that the respective
patentees are not entitled to patents containing the claims listed.

Patent No. 5,465,023, Charles E. Garner, CARBON-CARBON GRID FOR
ION ENGINES, Interference No. 104,248, final judgment adverse to the
patentee rendered December 5, 2001, as to claims 16-38.

Patent No. 5,182,529, Wen-Foo Chern, ZERO CROSSING-CURRENT RING
OSCILLATOR FOR SUBSTRATE CHARGE PUMP, Interference No. 104,624, final
judgment adverse to the patentee rendered January 7, 2002, as to claims

                                              WANDA M. TIGNER, Sup'v. Legal
                                                       Instruments Examiner
                                    Board of Patent Appeals & Interferences
                                                             (703) 308-9797