Registration to Practice

   The following list contains the names of those persons applying
for registration to practice before the United States Patent and
Trademark Office who have been given provisional recognition pursuant
to 37 CFR    10.9(a) to prepare and prosecute patent applications
before the Office until their registration certificates are mailed to
them. Final approval for registration is subject to establishing to the
satisfaction of the Director of the Office of Enrollment and Discipline
that the person seeking registration is of good moral character and
repute. 37 CFR    10.7(a). Accordingly, any information tending to
affect the eligibility of any of the following persons on moral,
ethical, of other grounds should be furnished to the Director of
Enrollment and Discipline on or before October 9, 2001.

Borchers, Lynn, 12 Woodland Rd., Clark, NJ 07066

Cate, II, David, 7233 Taft Rd., Romeo, MI 48065

Dudek, James A., 2208 Mears Lane, Silver Spring, MD 20906

Latham, Bryan S., 850 N. Randolph St., Apt.1021, Arlington, VA

Parikh, Abhijat, 1440 Green Valley Dr., Apt. #17, Pittsburgh, PA

Patel, Alka, 40 Stancey Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15220

Radhakrishmand, Kanika, 3260 Stimson Way, San Jose, CA 95135

Terapane, John F., 7706 New Castle Dr., Annandale, VA 22003

Thomas, Joan, 950 148th Dr., S.E., Bellevue, WA 98007

VanderVegt, Jr., Francois P. Pierre, 12432 Dancrest Dr.,
Clarksburg, MD 20871

Willis, Davis L., P.O. Box 46, Lincoln, VA 20160

Wright, John D., 4957 Lancaster Hill Dr., Apt. 228, Clarkston, MI

September 11, 2001                                           HARRY I. MOATZ
                                      Director of Enrollment and Discipline