Notices of Allowance
                     Issued in June, July and August 2000

   Due to a mailing error, certain trademark applicants did not
receive notices of allowance (NOAs) issued under 15 U.S.C.
1063(b)(2) during the months of June, July and August 2000. As a
result, some of these applicants did not submit Statements of Use under
15 U.S.C.    1051(d)(1), or Requests for Extension of Time to File
Statements of Use under 15 U.S.C.    1051(d)(2), and their applications
consequently abandoned. Therefore, the USPTO will grant requests for
reinstatement of applications that abandoned for failure to respond to
NOAs, provided that the NOA was mailed during June, July or August,
2000, and that the applicant did not receive this NOA. These requests
for reinstatement must include a statement in the form of an affidavit
or declaration under 37 C.F.R.    2.20, that (1) the NOA was not
received and (2) the correspondence address that was of
record when the NOA was mailed was correct. There is no fee for a
request for reinstatement under these circumstances.

   The policy of reinstating applications that abandon as a result
of a failure to receive a NOA will apply only in cases where the NOA
issued during the months of June, July or August 2000. In all other
cases where an applicant claims that an application abandoned because a
NOA was not received, the application can be revived only if the
applicant files a Petition to Revive under 37 C.F.R.    2.66, unless
there is evidence of Office error. Applicants are advised to check the
status of the application through the USPTO website at to determine if a NOA issued during the months
listed above.

   When the request for reinstatement is granted, the NOA will be
cancelled and a new NOA will be issued in due course.

   If an application has abandoned because of the mailing error
described in this notice and the applicant has received a notice of
abandonment, the request for reinstatement must be received no later
than two months from the mailing date of the notice of abandonment.
However, if an applicant has not yet received a formal notice of
abandonment but the application has nevertheless abandoned because of
the mailing error described in this notice, the applicant may submit a
request for reinstatement before it receives the formal notice of

   The request for reinstatement should be sent to the attention
of Janis Long, Office of the Commissioner for Trademarks, fax number
703-308-9395 or by mail to the Commissioner for Trademarks, 2900
Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA, 22202-3513. Use of a certificate of
mailing or facsimile transmission pursuant to 37 C.F.R.    1.8 is

August 2, 2001                                              LYNNE BERESFORD
                                                    Deputy Commissioner for
                                              Trademark Policy and Projects