37 CFR   1.47 Notice by Publication

   Notice is hereby given of the filing of the following
applications with a petition under 37 CFR    1.47 requesting the
acceptance of the application without the signature of all inventors
or, if the inventor is deceased, the legal representative of the
deceased inventor. The petition in each application has been granted. A
notice has been sent to the last known address of the non-signing
inventor or legal representative. The inventors or legal
representatives whose signatures are missing may join in the
application by promptly filing an oath or declaration complying with 37
CFR    1.63.

Application     Filing          Non-Signing             Title of
No.             Date            Inventor(s)             Invention

29/105,436      May 25, 1999    Connie M. Littlejohn    Candle Box
                                                        With Oval Window

29/108,046      Jul. 19, 1999   Arthur Hergott          Portable Seating

29/108,094      Jul. 19, 1999   Arthur Hergott          Seating Housing

08/199,951      Nov. 24, 1998   Niels Bogh              Method And
                                                        Apparatus For
                                                        Separating Light
                                                        And Heavy Phase

08/241,888      May 12, 1994    Irving Touval           Dehydrated Anti-
                                                        Pelletizing Process

08/747,122      Nov. 8, 1996    Helena P. Selawry       Methods Of Treating
                                                        Disease Using
                                                        Sertoli Cells
                                                        And Allografts
                                                        Or Xenografts

08/888,502      Jul. 7, 1997    Ladislau Biro           Skin Incision
                                                        Device With
                                                        Compression Spring

08/914,905      Aug. 18, 1997   Anita J. Sinclair       Script Recognition
                                                        Using Speech

08/969,680      Nov. 13, 1997   James E. Hessert        Method And
                                                        Composition For
                                                        Forming Water
                                                        Impermeable Barrier

08/970,257      Nov. 14, 1997   Dale B. Arnold          Crop Baler
                                Anson P. Sanford        Belt System
                                Chester I. Barber

09/001,315      Dec. 31, 1997   Richard S. Weldon, Jr.  Regulated Push
                                                        Method Of Data

09/023,923      Feb. 13, 1998   Mark Woerz              Apparatus And
                                Donald Rorabaugh        Method For
                                Patrick Niemeyer        Facilitating
                                Alan Hancock            Service Management
                                Steve Burkett           Of Communications
                                                        Services In A

09/025,721      Feb. 18, 1998   Clyde Howell            Integrated
                                                        Tracking And
                                                        Pay Rate Calcu-
                                                        lation System

09/038,880      Mar. 11, 1998   Jack D. Ecktman         Fluted Air Actuator

09/059,560      Apr. 14, 1998   Edward G. Skolnik       Non-Asbestos
                                                        For Rocket
                                                        Motor Casing

09/064,374      Apr. 22, 1998   Richard S. List         Process Scheme
                                                        To Form Controlled
                                                        Airgaps Between
                                                        Interconnect Lines
                                                        To Reduce

09/071,785      May 1, 1998     Ghanshyam H. Popat      Image Transfer
                                                        Sheets And A Method
                                                        Of Manufacturing
                                                        The Same

09/086,098      May 28, 1998    Muhammad M. Rahmatullah MLSE Implementation
                                                        Using A General
                                                        Purpose DSP And
                                                        Shared Hardware
                                                        For A GSM

09/089,874      Jun. 4, 1998    Reza M. Dehmohseni      Signal Error-
                                                        Correction System
                                                        And Method

09/110,954      Jul. 7, 1998    Joseph A. Horton        Anatomically Shaped

09/111,913      Jul. 8, 1998    Arthur Hagen            Vehicle Load Floor
                                                        And Method Of
                                                        Making Same

09/111,947      Jul. 8, 1998    Min Woo Chung           Shock Absorption
                                                        Mechanism For Shoes

09/114,519      Jul. 13, 1998   Susanna Carson          Five Color Theory

09/123,376      Jul. 27, 1998   Shirley Smith           Diagnostic Membrane
                                                        Containing Fatty
                                                        Acid Sarcosinate
                                                        Surfactant For
                                                        Testing Oral Fluid

09/128,510      Aug. 4, 1998    Lisa M. Lawrence        Method And
                                Dan A. Ciobanu          Apparatus For
                                                        Electric Bus

09/128,738      Aug. 5, 1998    Joel E. Becker          Vertical Adaptive
                                                        Antenna Array

09/136,850      Aug. 19, 1999   Bruce A. Bradshaw       Golf Bag Carrying
                                                        Case With Club
                                                        Head Protection
                                                        And Method For
                                                        Using Same

09/163,564      Sep. 30, 1998   Donald C. Bailey        Railcar Track
                                                        Cleaning System

09/163,752      Sep. 30, 1998   Dan Clancy              Method And
                                                        Apparatus For
                                                        Determining An
                                                        Arrangement Of

09/174,229      Oct. 16, 1998   Robert S. Gajda         Resistance Exercise

09/179,304      Oct. 27, 1998   H. Ming Chen            Stator-Controlled
                                                        Magnetic Bearing

09/189,318      Nov. 10, 1998   Julius Lim              Boomerang Molding
                                Jin Sin Sai             System And Method

09/191,635      Nov. 13, 1998   Eugene P. Saveliev      Oil Well Productiv-
                                                        ity Stimulation

09/201,925      Dec. 1, 1998    C. Clark Dougherty, Jr. Heavy Oil Viscosity
                                                        Reduction And

09/209,164      Dec. 10, 1998   Josh Oen                System For
                                                        Delivering Liquid
                                                        To The Surface Of
                                                        A Brush

09/217,774      Dec. 21, 1998   Michael J. Morrison     Steering
                                                        Down A Specific
                                                        Pipe In A
                                                        Steering Logic

09/225,811      Jan. 5, 1999    Fan Ho                  Cancellation of
                                                        Redundant Elements
                                                        With A Cancel Bank

09/227,133      Jan. 8, 1999    Andreas Nowatzyk        Integrated
                                                        Device With Victim
                                                        Data Cache

09/238,285      Jan. 28, 1999   Anthony Wilson          Reagent
                                                        Dispensing Valve

09/239,216      Jan. 28, 1999   Austin L. Huang         Producing Colored
                                                        Light Beams
                                                        From White Light

09/240,181      Jan. 29, 1999   Gary J. Lesmeister      System For
                                                        Testing Real
                                                        And Simulated
                                                        Versions Of An
                                                        Integrated Circuit

09/249,211      Feb. 12, 1999   Kapil N. Bhalla         Sphingolipid
                                                        And Their
                                                        Methods Of Use

09/265,350      Mar. 9, 1999    Daniel A. Mercola       Inhibition Of
                                                        Stress Activated
                                                        Protein Kinase
                                                        (SAPK) Pathway And
                                                        Sensitization Of
                                                        Cells To Cancer

09/268,443      Mar. 12, 1999   John A. Beckman         Vehicle Frame
                                                        Assembly Having
                                                        Integral Support

09/271,916      Mar. 18, 1999   Jarrett Bullivant       Electrode
                                                        Assembly For An

09/288,881      Apr. 9, 1999    Hiang C. Chan           Semiconductor
                                                        Processing Method
                                                        Of Forming Field
                                                        Isolation Oxide
                                                        Using A Polybuf-
                                                        fered Mask Which
                                                        Includes A Base
                                                        Nitride Layer On
                                                        The Substrate

09/289,651      Apr. 12, 1999   C.B. Chen               Timing Control
                                Shih-Hsun Liang         Method Of Transfer
                                                        Gate In Sense
                                                        Amplifier and
                                                        Circuit For The

09/301,013      Apr. 28, 1999   Michael Olshavasky      Container For The
                                                        Scavenging Of
                                                        Citrus Juice

09/327,064      Jun. 7, 1999    Jose-Ignacio Rodri-     Arrangement Having
                                  guez-Duran            A Switched-Mode
                                                        Power Supply And A

09/337,446      Jun. 21, 1999   Amir Weinberg           Software System
                                Maxim Kholmyansky       And Methods For
                                                        Testing The
                                                        Functionality Of
                                                        A Transactional

09/339,074      Jun. 23, 1999   Hans Konle              Apparatus And
                                Thomas Zopf             Method For
                                                        Assembling A
                                                        Plastic Container
                                                        For Food Products

09/342,024      Jun. 28, 199    Robin Filshie           High Efficiency
                                                        Transfection On
                                                        Low Electric
                                                        Field Strength,
                                                        Long Pulse Length

09/347,471      Jul. 2, 1999    Kevin M. Klughart       Aerialift Warning
                                                        System And Method

09/351,760      Jul. 12, 1999   Charles O. Bounds       High Performance
                                                        Iron-Rare Earth-

09/352,352      Jul. 13, 1999   Nick Van Heel           Test And Observe
                                                        Mode For
                                                        Embedded Memory

09/360,014      Jul. 23, 1999   Raman Patel             Use Of A Silane
                                                        Grafted Polyolefin
                                                        In EPDM/Polyolefin
                                                        DVA To Improve
                                                        Compression Set

09/397,956      Sep. 17, 1999   Vladimir Starov         Method And
                                                        Apparatus For
                                                        Removing Post-etch
                                                        Resides And Other
                                                        Adherent Matrices

09/399,063      Jun. 23, 1999   Ronald Hickling         Direct Conversion

09/399,096      Sep. 20, 1999   Ralph D. Billington     Predictive
                                                        Maintenance System

09/399,308      Sep. 20,1 999   Robert Mikalian         Apparatus And
                                                        Methods For
                                                        Forming Patterned
                                                        Soft Gelatin

09/406,385      Sep. 27, 1999   William K. Waller       Memory Device
                                                        Having Global
                                                        Memory Device
                                                        Array Repair

09/409,961      Sep. 30, 1999   Christopher J. Wieloch  Apparatus For
                                                        Interrupting A
                                                        Current Carrying
                                                        Path In A
                                                        Multiphase Circuit

09/416,778      Oct. 13, 1999   Andrew Redvers Muir     Method Of
                                                        Information Over
                                                        A Network

09/439,491      Nov. 15, 1999   John S. Beaty           Leak Analysis

09/441,504      Nov. 17, 1999   Johann von der Heide    Disk Storage Device
                                                        Having An Undercut
                                                        Hub Member

09/449,046      Nov. 24, 1999   Terrence G. Bayrock     Image Redirection
                                                        And Optical
                                                        Path Folding

09/452,527      Dec. 1, 1999    Kong-chen Chen          Programmable
                                                        Circular Linked
                                                        List For
                                                        Sequencing Servo
                                                        Signals To
                                                        Minimize Latency

09/470,611      Dec. 22, 1999   Venkata Katikaneni      Mailing System
                                                        Having Flexible
                                                        Printing Of

09/499,464      Feb. 7, 2000    Kevin Weaver            Method And
                                                        Apparatus For
                                                        Stucco Paper

09/514,423      Feb. 28, 2000   Michael John Bryant     Electrical Cable

09/518,583      Mar. 3, 2000    Chee-Seng Chow          System And Method
                                                        For Accessing
                                                        Remote Server
                                                        From An Intranet
                                                        With A Single