37 CFR    1.47 Notice by Publication

   Notice is hereby given of the filing of the following
applications with a petition under 37 CFR    1.47 requesting the
acceptance of the application without the signature of all inventors
or, if the inventor is deceased, the legal representative of the
deceased inventor. The petition in each application has been granted. A
notice has been sent to the last known address of the non-signing
inventor or legal representative. The inventors or legal
representatives whose signatures are missing may join in the
application by promptly filing an oath or declaration complying with 37
CFR    1.63.

Application    Filing         Non-Signing
    No.         Date          Inventor(s)         Title of Invention

29/082,320  Jan. 20, 1998   Scott S. Scheibe      Combined Floodlight
                            Suleyman O. Sumer     And Sensor

29/095,932  Nov. 2, 1998    Bryan Gaudet          Box For Holding And
                            William Seiler        Displaying Candles

29/105,210  May 20, 1999    Clifford Harrison     Bath

08/549,251  Oct. 27, 1995   Louis Klein           Filtering In Picture

08/784,652  Jan. 21, 1997   Abdel Naser Al-Karmi  Optical Character
                                                  Recognition Of
                                                  Handwritten Or
                                                  Cursive Text
                                                  In Multiple

08/789,734  Jan. 27, 1997   Dr. Thomas Tice       Therapeutic
                                                  Treatment And
                                                  Prevention Of
                                                  Infections With A
                                                  Bioactive Materials
                                                  Encapsulated Within
                                                  A Biodegradable-
                                                  Polymeric Matrix

08/942,221   Oct. 1, 1997   Bruce Findlay         Method For
                                                  Communicating A
                                                  Pulse WaveForm
                                                  Between Two Servers
                                                  In A Network

09/036,968   March 9, 1998  Frederick L. Jordan   Alfalfa Extract
                                                  Fuel Additive For
                                                  Reducing Pollutant

09/079,030   May 14, 1998   Dr. Juan Guevara      Lipoproteins As
                                                  Nucleic Acid Vectors

09/085,944   May 27, 1998   Than Nguyen           Annuloplasty
                                                  Ring Delivery

09/110,517   July 6, 1998   Joseph D. Fondell     Nucleic Acid
                                                  Molecules Encoding
                                                  Nuclear Hormone
                                                  Coactivators And
                                                  Uses Thereof

09/124,948   July 30, 1998  Gary J. Hollingsworth Power Source For A
                                                  Hearing Aid

09/159,365   Sept. 23, 1998 Paul Ravensdale       Encapsulating
                                                  Sensor And
                                                  Method Of
                                                  Making Same

09/206,638   Dec. 7, 1998   David C. Berger       Water Projection
                                                  Device, System,
                                                  And Method For
                                                  Projecting Water

09/212,121   Dec. 15, 1998  Michael R.Levenson    Signalling Portable
                                                  Equipment Assembly

09/229,807   Jan. 13, 1999  Jan Hoogland          A Panoramic

09/235,228   Jan. 22, 1999  Gianluca Erba         Device Controller
                                                  With Low Power
                                                  Standby Mode

09/251,380   Feb. 17, 1999  Adam Sherman          Dispensing
                                                  Nozzle For Multi-
                                                  Compartment Container

09/302,084   Apr. 29, 1999  Chung P. Park         Vehicle Headliner
                                                  Comprised Of A
                                                  Foam Sheet

09/333,770   June 15, 1999  Klaus Florian         Methods For
                             Schuegraf            Forming Wordlines,
                                                  Transistor Gates,
                                                  And Conductive
                                                  And Wordline,
                                                  Transistor Gate,
                                                  And Interconnect

09/386,463   Aug. 30, 1999  Terrence R. Spies     Cryptography
                                                  System And Method For
                                                  Providing Cryptographic
                                                  Services For A
                                                  Computer Application

09/404,519   Sep. 23, 1999  Craig Valentine       Universal
                                                  Dunnage Tray Mold

09/436,905   Nov. 09, 1999  David Drost           Embroidery Machine
                                                  Mounting Frame Apparatus
                                                  And Method

09/459,577   Dec. 13, 1999  Edward Schwalb        Sketcher

09/506,417   Feb. 17, 2000  Chris Townsend        Method And
                                                  System For
                                                  Audio Signals

09/513,019   Feb. 25, 2000  Mell R. Thoman        Temperature
                                                  Boxcar and

09/513,761   Feb. 25, 2000  James W. Wilkins      Dummy Wordline
                                                  For Controlling
                                                  The Timing For
                                                  The Firing Of
                                                  Sense Amplifiers
                                                  In A Memory Device
                                                  InRelation To The
                                                  Firing Of Wordlines
                                                  In The Memory Device

09/517,013   Mar. 1,2000    Gary M. Mansperger    Method And
                                                  System For
                                                  Providing Travel
                                                  Reservation And
                                                  Related Service

09/524,559   Mar. 13, 2000  Edward de Rojas       Method And
                                                  Apparatus For
                                                  Producing A
                                                  Marking On
                                                  An Ophthalmic
                                                  Lens Having A
                                                  Low Surface Energy

09/525,771   Mar. 14, 2000  Marie Paule Jacoulet  Process For
                                                  Producing Pigment
                                                  Granules And For
                                                  Dyeing Concrete

09/545,589   Apr. 7, 2000   Marc Cooperman        Method And System for
                                                  Digital Watermarking

09/545,589   Apr. 7, 2000   Marc Cooperman        Method And System for
                                                  Digital Watermarking

09/584,727   Jun. 1, 2000   David A. Colondres    System And Method
                                                  For Management Of
                                                  Medical Samples
                                                  And Associated
                                                  Analytical Tests