Service by Publication

   A petition to cancel the registration identified below has been
filed, and a copy of the petition together with the notice of
institution of such proceeding is being sent to registrant at its last
known address. Simultaneously therewith, notice is hereby given that
unless the registrant listed herein, its assigns or legal
representatives, shall enter an appearance within thirty days of this
publication, or unless an answer or other response to the petition is
filed within forty days after the mailing of the institution notice, or
within an extension of time therefor, the cancellation will proceed as
in the case of default.

Hayes Personnel Services, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO, Reg. No.
1,243,070, for the mark "HAYES PERSONNEL SERVICES AND DESIGN",
Cancellation No. 30,950.

                                                                   AMY KING
                                      Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, for
                                                         ROBERT M. ANDERSON
                               Deputy Commissioner for Trademark Operations