37 CFR   1.47 Notice by Publication

   Notice is hereby given of the filing of the following applications
with a petition under 37 CFR    1.47 requesting the acceptance of the
application without the signature of all inventors or, if the inventor
is deceased, the legal representative of the deceased inventor. The
petition in each application has been granted. A notice has been sent to
the last known address of the non-signing inventor or legal
representative. The inventors or legal representatives whose signatures
are missing may join in the application by promptly filing an oath or
declaration complying with 37 CFR    1.63.

Application   Filling        Non-Signing         Title of
No.           Date           Inventor(s)         Invention
                             or Legal

08/476,307    June 7, 1995   James F. Ster, Jr.  Exercise Machine

08/659,873    June 7, 1996   William K. Holmes   Drawer Operating

08/924,068    Aug. 28, 1997  Francesco Fabris    Cast Steel Cut Length
                             Andrea Pilastro     Optimization
                             Johan I. Harst

08/974,833    Nov. 20, 1997  Yuri Kayem          Method And Installation
                             Shimon Mazor        For Continuous Production
                             Boris Menin         Of Whipped Ice
                             Alex Rahman

08/984,237    Dec. 3, 1997   Torre John Meeder   Data Acquisition And
                                                 Speech Recognition System

09/007, 300   Jan. 14, 1998  Narayan Baidya      Enhanced
                                                 Discrimination Of
                                                 Perfect Matches From
                                                 Mismatches Using A
                                                 Modified DNA Ligase

09/026,747    Feb. 20, 1998  David A. Lech       Automatic Detection And
                                                 Configuration Of Control
                                                 System Elements

09/063,553    Feb. 21, 1998  Barry Baughman      Co-Agglomeration Of
                                                 Random Vinyl-Substituted
                                                 Diolefin Polymer With
                                                 Sulfur To Improve
                                                 Homogeneity Of Polymer/

09/074,563    May 7, 1998    Scott Andrew Rawson Acoustic Sensor Monitoring
                             John Patrick Kuhn   Of Highway Traffic

09/082,097    May 19, 1998   John A. Beckman     Joint For A Vehicle
                                                 Body And Frame Assembly
                                                 And Method Of
                                                 Manufacturing Same

09/097,439    June 15, 1998  James C. McClure    Parts Washing System

09/112,632    July 9, 1998   David L. Stokes     Mine Roof Bolting
                             George L. Ferguson  Apparatus
                             William B. Branson
                             Scott Timothy

09/129,028    Aug. 4, 1998   James Steven Reid   Methods For Treating
                                                 Neurological Deficits

09/137,254    Aug. 19, 1998  Mou-Chih Lu         Hardfacing Composition For
                                                 Earth-Boring Bits

09/145,979    Sept. 3, 1998  Dr. Henri Doucet    Process For Producing
                                                 Optically Active Alcohol

09/159,509    Sept. 23, 1998 Dan D. Browning     Method And Apparatus For
                                                 Creating A Wireframe And
                                                 Polygon Virtual World

09/169,318    Oct. 9, 1998   Tong Liu            Apparatus And Method For
                                                 Management Of Resources
                                                 In Cellular Networks

09/172,466    Oct. 14, 1998  Eric Bryan Bish     Strawberry Plug
                                                 Transplant System

09/190,697    Nov. 12, 1998  Ralph Hashoian      Step-Tapered Flexible
                             Janette Bluma       Peripheral Coil

09/192,177    Oct. 30, 1998  James Freezor       Method And Apparatus for
                                                 Generating Package

09/197,039    Nov. 20, 1998  Benjamino Miotto    Multi-Position Chair
                                                 Control Mechanism
                                                 Synchronously Adjusting
                                                 The Seat And Backrest
                                                 Of A Chair

09/224,211    Dec. 30, 1998  Cory Chandler       Customized User Interface
                             Renee Schaefer

09/241,578    Feb. 2, 1999   Singh Shashij       Method And Apparatus For
                                                 Simulating A Storage

09/249,433    Feb. 12, 1999  Jean-Marc Dickes    Tap For Compressed Or
                                                 Liquefied Gas

09/258,625    Feb. 26, 1999  Timothy J. Oyer     Method And Apparatus For
                                                 Microcellular Polymer

09/292,730    Apr. 15, 1999  Paul A. Johnston    Live Vaccines And
                                                 Methods Of
                                                 Treatment Therewith

09/328,503    Jan. 9, 1998   Russell Black       Heated And Cooled Vacuum
                                                 Chamber Shield

09/351,106    July 6, 1999   James D. Parsons    Adhesion And/Or
                             B. Leo Kwak         Encapsulation Of Silicon
                                                 Semiconductor Devices On
                                                 Ceramic Substrates

09/375,715    Aug. 17, 1999  Edgardo Gotangco    Toothbrush And Method For
                             Zapanta             Making A Tuft Of Bristles
                                                 Usable In A Toothbrush