37 CFR  1.47 Notice by Publication

   Notice is hereby given of the filing of the following applications
with a petition under 37 CFR    1.47 requesting the acceptance of the
application without the signature of all inventors or, if the inventor
is deceased, the legal representative of the deceased inventor. The
petition in each application has been granted. A notice has been sent to
the last known address of the non-signing inventor or legal
representative. The inventors or legal representatives whose signatures
are missing may join in the application by promptly filing an oath or
declaration complying with 37 CFR    1.63.

Application  Filing         Non-Signing               Title of
No.          Date           Inventor(s)               Invention
                            or Legal

29/114,937   Dec. 3, 1999   Kuoyong Huang             Solid Ink Stick For A
                                                      Color Printer

29/114,938   Dec. 3, 1999   Kuoyong Huang             Solid Ink Stick For A
                                                      Color Printer

29/114,939   Dec. 3, 1999   Kuoyong Huang             Solid Ink Stick For A
                                                      Color Printer

08/671,873   June 28, 1996  Vlad Bril                 Method And Apparatus
                            Alexander J. Eglit        For Asynchronous
                            Srindhar Kotha            Display Of Graphic

08/691,793   Aug. 2, 1996   Randy Farmer              Ghost Object For A
                                                      Virtual World

08/692,756   Aug. 6, 1996   Travis C. Snyder          Delayed Borate
                                                      Fracturing Fluid

08/760,518   Dec. 5, 1996   Kazuo Iuchi               Pointer Type
                                                      Indicating Device

08/798,394   Feb. 7, 1997   Dr. Arthur M. Felix       Synthesis of VIP

08/832,946   April 4, 1997  Rose T. MacKenzie         Device And Method For
                                                      Providing Liquid To A
                                                      User's Mouth

08/855,792   May 12, 1997   Keith R. Koons            Continuous Extruded
                                                      Frame And Movable
                                                      Panel With
                                                      Continuous lntegral
                                                      Hinge Extruded

08/896,213   July 17, 1997  Mark R. Critzer           Clip-On Power Source
                                                      For An Aviator's
                                                      Night Vision Imaging

08/935,113   Sept. 18, 1997 Jurgen Freidenreich       Sustained-Release
                                                      Medicament Containing
                                                      A Dihydropyridine
                                                      Derivative In Nanosol
                                                      Form And Its

08/960,622   Oct. 29, 1997  Ronald T. Rutz            Sorter Mechanism

08/971,002   Nov. 14, 1997  Jason Woodlee             Remote Home Page
                                                      Authoring System

08/971,573   Nov. 17, 1997  Soheil Iskandar Sayegh    Communication
                                                      Method And

08/979,180   Nov. 26, 1997  John S. Beaty             Leak Analysis

09/003,409   Jan. 6 , 1998  John P. Kellon            Variable Volume Ratio
                                                      Compound Counterlung

09/006,635   Jan. 13, 1998  Skip Carlson              Intravenous Warming

09/021,012   Feb. 9, 1998   Alain Besson              Cutting Element

09/026,198   Feb. 19, 1998  Dr. Daniel B. Yarosh      Methods And
                                                      Compositions For
                                                      The Protection Of

09/031,639   Feb. 27, 1998  Nanseng Jeng              Method For Optimizing
                                                      Printing Of An
                                                      Alternating Phase
                                                      Shift Mask Having
                                                      A Phase Shift Error

09/035,586   Mar. 5, 1998   Douglas L. Kreiser        Battery Cooling

09/048,914   Mar. 26, 1998  Brian Brandell            Atrial Defibrillation
                                                      Lock Out Feature

09/071,421   May 1, 1998    Joseph Tazewell, Jr.      Thermoplastic
                                                      Elastomer Air Spring

09/073,011   May 5, 1998    Shawn D. Persels          Computer System For
                                                      Intelligent Document

09/080,602   May 18, 1998   David P. Hanefeld         Self-Adhesive Stamp

09/081,548   May 19, 1998   J. Michael Lengyel        Daylight Readable
                                                      Liquid Crystal

09/149,644   Sept. 8, 1998  Jacques Laeuffer          Method And Apparatus
                                                      For Energy

09/156,458   Sept. 18, 1998 Oved S. F. Zucker         Optically Controlled

09/162,608   Sept. 29, 1998 Inge Booken               Associative Memory
                                                      And Method For The
                                                      Operation Thereof

09/165,011   Sept. 30, 1998 Christopher J. Wieloch    Electrical Contractor
                                                      And Method For
                                                      Controlling Same

09/170,822   Oct. 13, 1998  Tong Liu                  Apparatus And Method
                                                      For Management Of
                                                      Resources In Cellular

09/183,721   Oct. 30, 1998  Yoshiharu Shinbo          Drill Bit Case With
                                                      Re-Configurable Shank
                                                      Retainer And Stand

09/185,182   Nov. 3, 1998   John Souter               Method And Device For
                                                      Calibrating An
                                                      Imaging Apparatus
                                                      Having Multiple
                                                      Imaging Outputs

09/198,986   Nov. 24, 1998  Mark S. Branham           Quartz Crystal
                                                      Resonator With
                                                      Improved Temperature
                                                      Performance And
                                                      Method Therefor

09/223,090   Dec. 30, 1998  Barry William Laffoon     User Interface For
                                                      System Management

09/243,005   Feb. 2, 1999   Edgardo Gotangco Zapanta  Toothbrush And
                                                      Method For Making A
                                                      Tuft Of Bristles
                                                      Usable In A

09/246,545   Feb. 8, 1999   Christopher M. Goggin, PE Banner Display

09/262,806   Mar. 4, 1999   Robert Schult             Display Unit With
                                                      Simulated Effects

09/265,733   Mar. 10, 1999  Geoffrey D. Green         Readership
                                                      Delivery System For
                                                      Investment Research

09/265,931   Mar. 11, 1999  John T. Carson            Pre-Paid Phone Card
                                                      System With
                                                      Promotional Link

09/296,932   Apr. 22, 1999  Bao Vo                    Panel For Absorbing
                            John Koch                 Acoustic Energy
                            Dattatray Rao

09/316,249   May 21, 1999   Janet D. Melchar          Apparatus And Methods
                                                      For Obtaining
                                                      Selectivity And
                                                      Dynamic Range In
                                                      Property Measurement
                                                      Using Magnetometers

09/317,332   May 24, 1999   Nathan A. Mitchell        Flexible Heat Pipe
                                                      Structure And
                                                      Associate Methods For
                                                      Dissipating Heat In
                                                      Electronic Apparatus