Status of Office of Public Records Services

   The Office of Public Records (OPR) processes and fills orders for both
certified and uncertified copies of Patent and Trademark Office
documents and records assignments and other documents related to title.
This is an update of actual processing time for orders filled during the
month of March 2000:


Certified Documents                     Goal            Actual

Patent Application-As-Filed,             7 days          5 days
Patent Application-As-Filed,            17 days         11 days
Patent Related File Wrapper             25 days         65 days
Patent Copy                             10 days          6 days
Patent Assignments                      10 days          8 days

Trademark Application-As-                7 days          5 days
Filed, Expedited
Trademark Application-As-               17 days         11 days
Filed, Regular
Trademark Related File                  25 days         25 days*
Trademark Assignments                   10 days          8 days
Trademark Registration,                  5 days          5 days
Trademark Registration,                 14 days          7 days

Uncertified Documents                   Goal            Actual

Expidited Patent Copies                  1 day           2 days
Regular Patent Copies                    3 days          2 days
Plant Patents                            3 days          1 day
Patent Assignments                      10 days         10 days
Patent Related File Wrapper             25 days         22 days*

Expedited Trademark Copies               1 day           1 day
Regular Trademark Copies                 3 days          2 days
Trademark Assignments                   10 days          9 days
Trademark Related File                  25 days         16 days*

* Includes turnaround times for files on Official Search and File

During the month of March 2000, a total of 22,866 public orders (37,707
copies) were filled and closed, or 8,078 orders more (471 copies more)
than the FY-00 planning number of 14,788 orders (37,236 copies) to be
closed for this month. The average turnaround times for products remain
in expected ranges.

Due to varying availability of media, customers will not be advised when
orders are not delivered within the published goal periods. However,
customers will be advised if any unexpected delay in their order has
been identified. Customers should use the above actual days to mail for
each product as a guide as to when they can expect their orders. In
determining expected delivery times, the day an order is received in the
Office is calculated as "day zero." The next business day is "day one."

Customers are encouraged to fax orders for copies directly to Document
Services Division at (703) 308-9759 and to pay by PTO Deposit Account,
MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover. Copy orders may also be
placed through the Internet by accessing the PTO home page at and selecting the "Order Copies" option. Information on
the status of pending orders may be obtained by calling (703) 308-9726
or 1 (800) 972-6382 (outside the Washington, DC Metro area), or via

Assignment Services

The Assignment Division is currently mailing recordation notices for
documents received in the Office of Public Records on Jan. 21, 2000. The
cycle time to process, record, and mail notices is 74 calendar days.

April 11, 2000                                                PATRICK ROWE,
                                                   Office of Public Records