37 CFR  1.47 Notice by Publication

   Notice is hereby given of the filing of the following
applications with a petition under 37 CFR  1.47 requesting the
acceptance of the application without the signature of all inventors or,
if the inventor is deceased, the legal representative of the deceased
inventor. The petition in each application has been granted. A notice
has been sent to the last known address of the non-signing inventor or
legal representative. The inventors or legal representatives whose
signatures are missing may join in the application by promptly filing an
oath or declaration complying with 37 CFR  1.63.

Application  Filing Date    Non-Signing Inventor(s)    Title of Invention
No.                         or Legal Representative(s)

29/077,307   Oct. 2, 1997   Fredrick Silbernagel       Front Discharge
                                                       Transit Mixer

29/081,440   Jan. 2, 1998   Kendrew Lee                Electrical Cable

29/085,741   Mar. 30, 1998  Richard L. Jahnke          Contact Lens
                                                       (formerly entitled
                                                       Zoomin' Contact

29/086,046   Apr. 3, 1998   David DiNunzio             Mixing Appliance
                            Timothy E. Lint

29/091,510   Jul. 13, 1998  Gary Yound                 Surfboard

29/092,440   Aug. 19, 1998  Brian K. Walker            Golf Bag Carrying

29/099,628   Jan. 25, 1999  Edgardo Gotangco Zapanta   Set Of Bristles
                                                       For A Toothbrush

29/099,629   Jan. 25, 1999  Edgardo Gotangco Zapanta   Set Of Bristles
                                                       For A Toothbrush

08/741,759   Nov. 5, 1996   Henry H. Mendenhall        Docking for Agents

08/766,998   Dec. 16, 1996  Abdel Naser Al-Karmi       Programming
                                                       Information For
                                                       Servers And Clients
                                                       In A Distributed
                                                       Environment Using
                                                       Stub Codes With
                                                       Event Information
                                                       For A Debugging

08/772,222   Dec. 20, 1996  Marc S. Cooperman          Z-Transform
                                                       Implementation Of
                                                       Digital Watermarks

08/773,421   Dec. 27, 1996  James E. Mitchell          Scheduling
                                                       Operation Of An
                                                       Analytical System

08/835,432   Apr. 9, 1997   Rajat K. Chakravarty       Multi-Ply
                                                       Industrial Fabric
                                                       Having Integral
                                                       Joint Structures

08/927,733   Sept. 11, 1997 Russell W. Wetmore         Networked System
                            Rolf G. Hunt               For Processing

08/937,693   Sept. 29, 1997 Robert Mikalian            Method For Striping
                                                       Or Marbleizing

08/944,315   Oct 6, 1997    Donald Hollerich           Compact Disc
                                                       Printing System
                                                       And Method

08/978,277   Nov. 25, 1997  Susan Jaken                Tumor Suppressor

08/994,142   Dec. 19, 1997  Christopher Wieloch        Method And
                                                       Apparatus For
                                                       Interrupting A
                                                       Current Carrying
                                                       Path In A
                                                       Multiphase Circuit

08/996,551   Dec. 23, 1997  Beth K. Mosher             Hair Shaping
                            Chris N. Lenart            Apparatus
                            Bryon F. Howell
                            David R. Davis

09/030,986   Feb. 26, 1998  Jack D. Ecktman            Tear-Drop Shaped
                                                       Clamp Assembly And
                                                       Tapered End Cap
                                                       For An Air Spring

09/041,613   Mar. 12, 1998  Jack D. Ecktman            Bumper Extension
                                                       For Use With A
                                                       Bumper On An Air

09/047,924   Mar. 25, 1998  Anders Hejlsberg           Database System
                                                       With Methods
                                                       Providing A
                                                       Data Packet For

09/054,276   Apr. 3, 1998   Timothy E. Lint            Appliance For
                            David DiNunzio             Preparation Of
                                                       Heated And Stirred
                                                       Beverages And Foods

09/059,066   Apr. 13, 1998  Xiao-Wei Dai               Low Profile Printed
                                                       Circuit Board RF
                                                       Shield For
                                                       Radiating Pin

09/063,059   Apr. 21, 1998  Sanijiv Garg               System And Method
                                                       For Register

09/072,021   May 4, 1998    Stephen P. Breaux          Coiled Tubing

09/074,046   Aug. 3, 1998   Walter B. Ireland          Electrical
                                                       Switching Apparatus
                                                       With Operating
                                                       Indicators Mounted
                                                       In Face Plate

09/081,825   May 20, 1998   Terry Escamilla            System, Method And
                            William Leddy              Computer Program
                            Richard Letsinger          Product For
                            Crosby Marks               Automatic Response
                            Thomas Bernhard            To Computer System
                            Steven Snapp               Misuse Using Active
                                                       Response Modules

09/145,378   Sept. 1, 1998  Boon Pew Chan              Integrated
                            Chee Kiang Yew             Production Tracking
                                                       And Pay Rate
                                                       Calculation System

09/159,518   Sept. 24, 1998 John DeMaio                Novel Opioid
                                                       Peptides For The
                                                       Treatment Of Pain

09/160,732   Sept. 25, 1998 Mark S. Kleefisch          Device For
                                                       Transfer Of Ionized
                                                       Substances Between
                                                       Fluids, Method For
                                                       Transfer Of Ionized

09/167,661   Oct. 7, 1998   Loic Giquel                Middle Ear
                                                       Prosthesis (Protese
                                                       D'Oreille Moyenne)

09/175,143   Oct. 19, 1998  Craig A. Bercaw            Heat Exchanger
                                                       Apparatus For A
                                                       Semiconductor Wafer
                                                       Support And Method
                                                       Of Fabricating Same

09/193,113   Nov. 16, 1998  Jacques Mathe              Modem Having a
                            Nuno F. Paulino            Programmable
                                                       Universal Data
                                                       Access Arrangement

09/204,796   Dec. 3, 1998   Michael S. Serbay          Visor With Extender
                                                       Blade And Guide

09/215,775   Dec. 18, 1998  Arthur M. Felix            Synthesis Of VIP

09/227,238   Jan. 8, 1999   David D. Ngo               Environmentally
                                                       Friendly Removal Of
                                                       Photoresists Used
                                                       in Wet Etchable
                                                       Polyimide Processes

09/228,747   Jan. 12, 1999  Eric J. Elmquest           System And Method
                                                       For Remote
                                                       Monitoring And
                                                       Operating Of
                                                       Personal Computers

09/248,520   Feb. 9, 1999   H. Wayland Blake           Flywheel Battery
                                                       System With Active

09/250,186   Feb. 16, 1999  Richard A. Aekins          Wiring Unit With
                                                       Angled Insulation

09/250,187   Feb. 16, 1999  Richard A. Aekins          Wiring Unit With
                                                       Paired In-Line

09/325,122   Jun. 3, 1999   Alberto Ceja               Methods For
                                                       Handling Masa

09/333,396   Jun. 18, 1999  Johann von der Heide       Disk Storage Device
                                                       Having An Underhub
                                                       Spindle Motor

09/333,397   Jun. 18, 1999  Johann von der Hiede       Disk Storage Device
                                                       Having An Undercut
                                                       Hub Motor

09/333,398   Jun. 18, 1999  Johann von de Hiede        Disk Storage Device
                                                       Having A Radial
                                                       Magnetic Yoke

09/333,399   Jun. 18, 1999  Johann von der Hiede       Disk Storage Device
                                                       Having A Sealed
                                                       Bearing Tube

09/333,400   Jun. 18, 1999  Johann von der Hiede       Disk Storage Device
                                                       Having A Particular
                                                       Magnetic Yoke

09/421,101   Oct. 19, 1999  Amy L. Moore               Solid Long Acting
                                                       Antacid Gel