Requests for Reexaminations Filed

  Notice under 37 CFR 1.11(c). The requests for reexamination listed
below are open to inspection by the general public in the indicated
Examining Groups. Copies of the requests and related papers may be
obtained by paying the fee therefor established in the Rules (37 CFR
   In the event correspondence to the patent owner is not received, this
notice will be considered to be constructive notice to the patent owner
and reexamination will proceed (37 CFR 1.248(a)(5) and 1.525(b)).

   RE 32,507, Reexam. S.N. 90/005,634, Feb. 8, 2000, Cl. 057/408,
Schmid, et. al., Owner of Record: Fritz Stahlecker, Bad Uberkingen,
Germany; Hans Stacklecker, Sussen, Germany,  Attorney or Agent: Barnes
and Thornburg, Washington, D.C., Ex. Gp.: 3741, Requester: Adams Law
Firm, Charlotte, NC

   5,240,405, Reexam. S.N. 90/005,635, Feb. 10, 2000, Cl. 431/062, WASTE
OIL HEATER SYSTEM, Gary Schubach, et. al., Owner of Record: Gary
Schubach, Spokane; WA; Frank Schuback, Liberty Lake, WA, Attorney or
Agent: Mark W. Hendricksen, Wells St. John Roberts Gregory and Matkin,
Spokane, WA, Ex. Gp.: 3743, Requester: Owner

   5,438,423, Reexam. S.N. 90/005,636, Feb. 11, 2000, Cl. 358/335, TIME
WARPING FOR VIDEO VIEWING, Eugene F. Lynch, et. al., Owner of Record:
Tektronix, Inc., Beaverton, OR, Attorney or Agent: Francis I. Gray,
Tektronix, Inc., Beaverton, OR, Ex. Gp.: 2722, Requester: Owner