Notice of Examination for Registration
                          Change of Examination Date

   In order to better serve our customers, the examination scheduled for
November 1, 2000, has been rescheduled to be held October 18, 2000. No
examination will be held on November 1, 2000. The deadline for filing
for the October 18, 2000, examination will be Friday, July 7, 2000.

   For further information, please contact the Office of Enrollment and
Discipline, in person at Suite 1103, 2221 South Clark Street, Crystal
Plaza 6, Arlington, Va., by mail addressed to U.S. Patent and Trademark
Office, Box OED, Washington, D.C. 20231, by calling (703) 306-4097, or
by taxing your inquiry or request to (703) 306-4134. Applications will
be available after February 2000, at which time applications may be
requested orally or in writing. The General Requirements Bulletin and
Application forms will also be available on the Internet at at that time.

January 5, 2000                             HARRY I. MOATZ, Acting Director
                                        Office of Enrollment and Discipline