Point-of-Sale Check Conversion Pilot Program

The Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) is participating in the U.S.
Department of the Treasury's Point-of-Sale (POS) Check Conversion pilot
program for certain fee collection activities. The method of payments
accepted under 37 CFR 1.23 are not changed by this notice. Those
customers paying in person by checks other than cashier's or certified
checks may be affected by the POS Check Conversion program. The
following educational signage will be conspicuously displayed at all POS
Check Conversion locations:

   This Federal Agency now uses electronic Point-of-Sale
Check Conversion. Check Conversion uses the information
pre-printed on your check to initiate an electronic debit from
your checking account. This debit will be posted to your
checking account within one business day and will appear
on your next account statement as an electronic payment to
this Agency.

   To perform Check Conversion, the clerk will run your check
through a device that can read your account information
from the check. You will be asked to sign a form authorizing
the Agency to electronically debit the amount of the transac
tion from your account. The clerk will stamp your check as
"Void - Processed by Electronic Funds Transfer" and will
return your check, authorization and receipt to you.

The POS Check Conversion pilot will be used in the Patent Search
Libraries, Patent Search Image Retrieval Facility, Office of Electronic
Information Products, Office of Public Records, and Trademark Search
Library. The POS Check Conversion program is one component of the
long-term PTO commitment to enhance financial management practices in
order to fulfill its fiduciary obligations to its many customers. The
POS Check Conversion program will reduce the processing and collection
costs associated with returned "unpaid" checks. Customers who do not
wish to participate in the POS Check Conversion program may submit a
method of payment other than a check in accordance with 37 CFR 1.23,
including credit card and cash payments. Questions or comments
concerning this notice should be forwarded to Matthew Lee by telephone
at (703) 305-8051, by e-mail at matthew.lee@uspto.gov, or by fax at
(703) 305-8007.

Sep. 22, 1999                                             Q. TODD DICKINSON
                                 Acting Assistant Secretary of Commerce and
                              Acting Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks