Posting a List of Patents with 37 CFR 1.607(d)
                          Notices on the PTO Web Site

   When an applicant seeks to provoke an interference with a patent, 37
CFR 1.607(d) requires that the patentee be notified when the attempt to
provoke the interference is first made. After notifications under 37 CFR
1.607(d) are mailed, they are placed in the patented files. They then
become public records.

   Recently, the PTO has begun receiving specific requests from members of
the public for listings of patents which have had 37 CFR 1.607(d)
notices mailed to the patentee. To provide this service to our
customers, while reducing the administrative burden of processing
individual requests, the PTO will post, within the next few months, a
listing of all such patents. The posting will be provided on the PTO
Home Page at The first listing will include all patents
in which a 37 CFR 1.607(d) notice has been mailed since January 1, 1998.
Thereafter, the listing will be updated on a quarterly basis and the
quarterly posting will list all patents from the previous three months
containing such notices.

   Inquiries regarding this matter should be directed to Magdalen Greenlief
at (703) 305-8813.

September 9, 1998                                          STEPHEN G. KUNIN
                                          Deputy Assistant Commissioner for
                                                 Patent Policy and Projects