Notice of Examination for Registration
                           Wednesday, April 21, 1999
   An Examination for persons seeking registration before the U.S.
Patent and Trademark Office as patent attorneys and agents will be held
on Wednesday, April 21, 1999, pursuant to the provisions of 37 CFR     
10.5, 10.6, and 10.7. The deadline for filing applications along with
the $40  non-refundable application fee and the $310.00 examination fee
and all necessary showings required by 37 CFR    10.7(a) and (b) is
January 8, 1999. Applications which do not contain all necessary
information for consideration for the registration examination or which
are not timely filed by the deadline for the April 21, 1999,
Registration examination may be considered for the subsequent
examination scheduled for Wednesday, November 3, 1999.
   All persons who wish to become recognized to practice before the U.S.
Patent and Trademark Office in patent cases must, pursuant to the above
noted rules, pass the registration examination, except those persons who
actively served four years or more in the patent examining corps of the
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for whom the examination may be waived.
Passing the examination does not qualify one for registration for
practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in trademark cases,
Such recognition is governed by 347 CFR   10.14.
   For further information, or to request an application form, please
contact the Office of Enrollment and Discipline, in person at Suite
1103, 2221 South Clark Street, Crystal Plaza 6, Arlington, Va., by mail
addressed to U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Box OED, Washington, D.C.
20231, by calling (703) 306-4097x18, or by faxing your inquiry or
request to (703) 306-4134. The General Requirements Bulletin and
Application forms will be available on the Internet at
Applications will not be available before September 1998.

July 6, 1998                                      KAREN L. BOVARD, Director
                                                       Office of Enrollment
                                                             and Discipline