37 CFR   1.47 Notice by Publication
   Notice is hereby given of the filing of the following applications
with a petition under 37 CFR    1.47 requesting the acceptance of the
application without the signature of all inventors or, if the inventor
is deceased, the legal representative of the deceased inventor. The
petition in each application has been granted. A notice has been sent to
the last known address of the non-signing inventor or legal
representative. The inventors or legal representatives whose signatures
are missing may join in the application by promptly filing an oath or
declaration complying with 37 CFR    1.63.

Application  Filing         Non-Signing Inventor(s)     Title of
No.          Date           or Legal Representative(s)  Invention

29/063,572   Dec. 10, 1996  John Scott                  Bottle

29/071,828   Dec. 6, 1996   William Scott Portzline     Bottle 

08/345,570   Nov. 28, 1994  Gary Kunz                   Systems and Methods 
                                                        for Eradicating 
                                                        Contaminants Using
                                                        Photoactive Mater-
                                                        ials in Fluids
                                                        Like Blood Using 
                                                        Discrete Sources 
                                                        of Radiation 

08/551,785   Nov. 7, 1995   James J. Bartel             Lightweight Rust
                                                        Resistant Body
                                                        Assembly for Tow 
                                                        Trucks and a Method 
                                                        of Manufacturing 

08/624,128   Mar. 29, 1996  Vlad Bril                   Partially Unified 
                                                        Memory Architecture
08/675,272   July 1, 1996   Andreas Nowatzyk            Integrated Proces-
                                                        sor/Memory Device 
                                                        with Victim Data 

08/685,705   Aug. 12, 1996  Marc C. Antione             Spectrophotometric
                                                        Methods for Assay-
                                                        ing Total Mercap-
                                                        tans, Reduced 
                                                        and Mercaptans 
                                                        Other than GSH in 
                                                        an Aqueous Medium 
                                                        Reagents and Kits 
                                                        for Implementing 

08/724,300   Sept. 19, 1996 Richard Neal Williams       Formable Orthotic 
                                                        Pad Apparatus 

08/795,502   Feb. 5, 1997   Hans-Peter Riedele          A Method and Plant
                                                        for Wastewater 

08/799,908   Feb. 13, 1977  Jean-Marc Leleu             Fire-retardant

08/804,882   Feb. 24, 1997  Gary Wood                   Voltage Regulator

08/810,486   Mar. 3, 1997   Richard E. Ackermann        Modularized 
                            Thomas Atwell               Assembly for 
                            Chris A. Isaacson           Bulk Material
                            Chaur-Ming Shyu             Analyzer
                            Andrew H. Smith 

08/810,955   Feb. 27, 1997  Gary W. Lee                 Blood Parameter

08/826,088   Mar. 24, 1997  Alexander P. Murray         Radiation Shielding 
                                                        Materials and Con-
                                                        tainers Incorpor-
                                                        ating Same 

08/831,625   Apr. 9, 1997   Brian Garduno               Wellbore Overshot 

08/832,212   Apr. 3, 1997   Marco Ilic                  Selectively 
                            Guido Livon                 Operable In-
                                                        dustrial Truck

08/845,330   Apr. 25, 1997  Dwight Hamilton             Cleanable Screen 
                            Gary Mark Smith             Guard for Fin-
                                                        Coil Heat Ex-

08/851,108   May 6, 1997    Thomas McKenzie             Integrated Axle
                                                        Suspension Anti-
                                                        Roll Arrangement 
                                                        for Push-Pull                           

08/854,272   May 9, 1997    William C. Mers Kelly       Container Assembly 
                            David Phelps                for Intravaginal 
                            William A. Reuss, Jr.       Fertilization and
                                                        Culture and Embryo 
                                                        Transfer and 
                                                        Method of Intra-
                                                        vaginal Fertili-
                                                        zation and Culture
                                                        Employing Such a 

08/854,494   May 12, 1997   Claude Chamberland          Grinder
                            Gaetan Marcoux