37 CFR   1.47 Notice by Publication
   Notice is hereby given of the filing of the following applications
with a petition under 37 CFR    1.47 requesting the acceptance of the
application without the signature of all inventors or, if the inventor
is deceased, the legal representative of the deceased inventor. The
petition in each application has been granted. A notice has been sent to
the last known address of the non-signing inventor or legal
representative. The inventors or legal representatives whose signatures
are missing may join in the application by promptly filing an oath or
declaration complying with 37 CFR    1.63.

Application  Filing          Non-Signing            Title of Invention
No.          Date            Inventor(s)
                             or Legal Rep-

29/062,694   Nov. 21, 1996   Robert E. Jones        Wheeled Car for Auto-
                                                    matic Swimming Pool 

08/406,005   Feb. 28, 1995   Dr. Generoso           Method of
                             Bevilacqua             Diagnosing Cancer
                                                    Susceptibility or 
                                                    Metastatic Potential 

08/594,661   Feb. 2, 1996    Joseph S. Christie     ATM Gateway System
                             Jean M. Christie

08/623,041   March 28, 1996  James Hansen           Automated Oil Rig
                                                    Servicing System

08/649,371   May 17, 1996    Paul Furth             Method of Generating a
                                                    Plurality of Chemical 
                                                    Compounds in a 
                                                    Spatially Arranged 

08/660,272   June 7, 1996    Maria Masucci          Method of Inhibiting
                                                    Antigen Processing, 
                                                    Chimeric Proteins Re-
                                                    flecting This Method 
                                                    and Method of Expres-
                                                    sing Those Proteins

08/663,027   June 7, 1996    Leo Kohler             Ride Attraction 
                             Rene Ploum             System for the 

08/666,132   June 19, 1996   Thomas Johnson         Control System for
                                                    Providing Dual Vacuum 

08/697,764   Aug. 29, 1996   James W. Moore         Hybrid Encryption
                                                    Method and System for 
                                                    Protecting Reusable 
                                                    Software Components

08/707,112   Sept. 3, 1996   Jesus Almanza          Portable Device to
                                                    Allow for Simultaneous 
                                                    Duplex Printing and 
                                                    Scanning on Single Pass

08/707,480   Sept. 4, 1996   Jonathan D. Emigh      Sheet Packet Hold-Down

08/715,920   Sept. 19, 1996  Wolfgang F. Kraske     Medical Imaging System 
                                                    for Displaying, Manipu-
                                                    lating, And Analyzing 

08/734,035   Oct. 18, 1996   Mark Ivanovich         Microwave 
                             Kouznetsov             Oscillator

08/769,298   Dec. 18, 1996   William N. Turley      Computer Executa-
                             Verlyn D. Hawks        ble Workflow Re-
                                                    source Management 

08/770,491   Dec. 20, 1996   Norbert Marxer         Process and Assembly
                                                    for Non-Destructive 
                                                    Surface Inspections 

08/773,580   Dec. 27, 1996   Phillip A. Furman      Use of 5-Fluoro-
                             George R. Painter      2'-Deoxy-3'-
                                                    Thiacytidine For 
                                                    the Treatment Of 
                                                    Hepatitis B 

08/780,290   Jan. 8, 1997    Bernard K. Mueller     Low-Odor Dual
                                                    Element Cable Con-
                                                    nection Cover 

08/783,721   Jan. 16, 1997   Thomas G. Lavine       Electrode Equipped
                                                    Electro-Dermal Device 

08/783,912   Jan. 16, 1997   Thomas G. Lavine       Disposable Electrode-
                                                    less Electro-Dermal 

08/792,456   Jan. 31, 1997   George Kontoghiorghes  Pharmaceutical 

08/803,672   Feb. 21, 1997   Steven A. Carter       Low Pressure Gas 
                             Michael Knappers       Vaporizer and
                                                    Method of 

08/806,267   Nov. 13, 1997   Jazini Dorcheh         Method for Connecting 
                                                    Two Components, 
                                                    Especially in The
                                                    Assembly of Diaphragm 

08/814,436   March 10, 1997  Michael T. Sherwood    Method and Apparatus 
                                                    for Conditioning a 
                                                    Polishing Pad In a 
                                                    Chemical Mechanical 
                                                    Polishing System 

08/816,575   March 13, 1997  Subroto Bose           Method and Apparatus
                                                    for Half PEL Filtering 
                                                    and Data Storage 

08/850,196   May 2, 1997     Rosemary Hileman       Apparatus and Process
                                                    for Molding 
                                                    of Glass 

08/851,529   May 5, 1997     Soon Y. Kong           Method and Apparatus 
                                                    for Reducing Storage 
                                                    Requirements for 
                                                    Display Data 

08/853,627   May 9, 1997     Douglas Schein         Nursing Bottle
                             Charles Meyer
                             Paul Silas

08/863,993   May 27, 1997    Mohammed Anjum         Contamination Free
                                                    Source for Shallow 
                                                    Low Energy Junction 

08/874,383   June 13, 1997   Thomas Hunter          Chemistry Control

08/874,963   June 13, 1997   Warrack G. Wilson      Methods to Enhance the
                                                    Characteristics of
                                                    Hydrothermally Prepared 
                                                    Slurry Fuels

08/878,907   June 19, 1997   Donald C. Ulrich       Radial Lip 
                             Roger W. Krause        Shaft Seal

08/902,809   July 30, 1997   Klaus Florian          Selective Spacer Tech-
                             Schuegraf              nology To Prevent Metal 
                                                    Oxide Formation During 
                                                    Polycide Reoxidation 

09/045,852   March 23, 1998  Johann von der Heide   Brushless DC Drive 
                                                    Motor With External 
                                                    Rotor for Use In Disc 
                                                    Drives and Like Devices