Address Change
   It has been brought to the attention of the U.S. Patent and Trademark
Office (PTO) that International Depository Authority (IDA), American
Type Culture Collection (ATCC), has changed its address. The new address
of ATCC is:

                    American Type Culture Collection (ATCC)
                            10801 University Blvd.
                           Manassas, Va. 20110-2209 

   37 CFR 1.809(d) sets forth the requirements for what must be included
in the specification of a patent application with respect to deposited
biological material. In particular, 37 CFR 1.809(d) requires the
specification to contain, inter alia, the name and address of the
depository. For patent applications that are pending in the PTO in which
the address of the depository referenced in the specification has
changed, applicants should submit an amendment to the specification
correcting the address of the depository. For applications which have
issued as patents, it will not be necessary for patentees to correct the
address of the depository in the patented file in view of the procedure
to be implemented below.
   Where there has been a change of address of an IDA any member of the
public may notify the PTO of such change of address of an IDA and the
PTO will publish a notice of change of IDA address in the Official
Gazette. Thereafter, the consolidated listing of IDA address will be
published in the next revision of the Manual of Patent Examining
Procedure (MPEP).
   The new address of ATCC will be updated in the upcoming revision of
the MPEP.

April 15, 1998                                             STEPHEN G. KUNIN
                                          Deputy Assistant Commissioner for
                                                 Patent Policy and Projects