37 CFR   1.47 Notice by Publication

   Notice is hereby given of the filing of the following applications
with a petition under 37 CFR    1.47 requesting the acceptance of the
application without the signature of all inventors or, if the inventor
is deceased, the legal representative of the deceased inventor. The
petition in each application has been granted. A notice has been sent to
the last known address of the non-signing inventor or legal
representative. The inventors or legal representatives whose signatures
are missing may join in the application by promptly filing an oath or
declaration complying with 37 CFR    1.63.

                              Inventor(s) or
Application  Filing           Legal Represen-        Title of
No.          Date             tative(s)              Invention

08/632,933   April 16, 1996   Matthew C. Bluntzer    Combined Mechanical
                                                     and Inertial Latch for
                                                     Vehicle Seat

08/652,125   May 23, 1996     Michael John Rickhuss  Body Moulding Solution
                              Zygmunt J. Zielinski

08/653,663   Jan. 29, 1996    Larry Brader           Broadcast-Enabled Per-
                                                     sonal Computer

08/655,241   June 5, 1996     Detlef Weigel          Seed Plants Exhibiting
                                                     Early Reproductive De-
                                                     velopment and Methods
                                                     of Making Same

08/659,866   Jan. 23, 1995    Glenn G. Atkins        Repairable Wafer Scale
                                                     Integration System

08/665,612   June 18, 1996    Geoffrey M. Wood       Collapsible Wheelchair

08/667,694   June 21, 1994    Thomas L. Arntz        Apparatus for Removing
                                                     Solid And Volatile

08/670,734   June 24, 1996    James M. Donohue       Flexible Donor Belt
                                                     Employing A DC
                                                     Traveling Wave

08/675,254   July 1, 1996     Andreas Nowatzyk       Integrated Processor/
                                                     Memory Device with
                                                     Full Width Cache

08/685,338   July 23, 1996    Donald J. Fournier     High Compliance, High
                                                     Strength Catheter Bal-
                                                     loons Useful for Treat-
                                                     ment of Gastroin-
                                                     testinal Lesions

08/692,844   Aug. 2, 1996     Francis J. Dodd        Laptop Computer Ultra-
                                                     sonic Data Acquisition

08/699,738   Aug. 20, 1996    Patricia Rivera        Microcellular Foam

08/701,827   Aug. 23, 1996    Kevin A. Beard         Ground-Contacting
                              Ottmar Kaiser          Sytems Having 3D
                                                     Deformation Ele-
                                                     ments For Use In

08/703,434   Aug. 26, 1996    Moataz A. Mohamed      Coordination and
                                                     Synchonization of an
                                                     Asymmetric, Single-
                                                     Chip, Dual Multi-

08/706,385   Aug. 30, 1996    Donald Sebastian       Concurrent Engineer-
                                                     ing Design Tool and

08/711,765   Sept. 5, 1996    Philip H. Coelho       Flexible, Three-
                                                     Dimensional Containers
                                                     and Methods for Making

08/714,407   Sept. 10, 1996   Thuan Tran             Method and Apparatus
                                                     for Transparently Pro-
                                                     viding Mobile Network

08/717,294   Sept. 20, 1996   Jurgen Haas            High Level Expression
                                                     Of Proteins

08/724,528   Sept. 30, 1996   Ralph D. Billington    Predictive Maintenance

08/729,842   Oct. 15, 1996    Albert Bergeron        Retaining Device
                              Claude Roussin         for Transporting
                                                     Stacks of On-
                                                     Edge Supported
                                                     Sheets of Float

08/731,757   Oct. 18, 1996    Stephen L. Newcomb     Seismic Facade
                              Trest Polina           Support

08/734,907   Oct. 22, 1996    Brian J. Campbell      Ultra Violet Radiation
                                                     Protected Pesti-
                                                     cidal Compositions

08/740,505   Oct. 30, 1996    Frederick High         Method and Apparatus
                                                     for Rating Geograph-
                                                     ical Areas Using
                                                     Meteorological Con-

08/742,063   Oct. 31, 1996    Michael C. Dougherty   Apparatus and Method
                                                     for Forging a Pinion
                                                     Gear With a Near Net

08/743,433   Nov. 1, 1996     Ruan Q. Yang           Interband Quantum Well
                                                     Cascade Laser, With A
                                                     Blocking Quantum Well
                                                     For Improved Quantum

08/746,946   Nov. 18, 1996    Margaret Opolski       Crosslinked Hydrogel

08/747,052   Nov. 12, 1996    Michael D. McDermott   Acrylic Emulsions
                                                     Useful In Printing

08/747,914   Nov. 12, 1996    James W. Johannsen     Medium Pressure ARC
                                                     Lamp And Method for

08/751,405   Nov. 18, 1996    Margaret Opolski       Flexible Lubricious
                                                     Organic Coatings

08/752,948   Nov. 21, 1996    Gary D. Hodgen         Hormone Replacement

08/755,083   Nov. 22, 1996    Charles W. Simmons     Method and Apparatus
                                                     for Overcoming Severe
                                                     Head-Disk Stiction In
                                                     A Disk Drive

08/756,856   Nov. 26, 1996    Radovan Chudada        Hydraulic Servo Device
                                                     For A Friction Brake
                                                     In A Planetary Trans-

08/757,465   Nov. 27, 1996    Kevin Gallagher        Database-Driven Auto-
                                                     matic Message Ac-
                                                     counting System And

08/763,526   Dec. 12, 1996    Jens U. Quistgaard     Ultra Diagnostic
                              Patrick R. Pesque      Scanning for
                              Gary A. Schwartz       Three Dimensional
                                                     Display Using
                                                     Power Doppler
                                                     Signal Information

08/764,117   Dec. 9, 1996     Charles C. Long        Chevron Rib Structure
                                                     For A Boat Hull

08/764,936   Dec. 13, 1996    Jorge Gonzales         Method For Improving
                                                     Fruit Yields From
                                                     Banana Plants

08/766,481   Dec. 4, 1996     Edward L. Galm         Greeting and Thematic
                                                     Cards and Kit

08/772,099   Dec. 20, 1996    R. Tom Coyle           Manufacture of Tran-
                                                     sition Metal Carbide,
                                                     Nitride and Carboni-
                                                     tride Whiskers

08/779,735   Dec. 31, 1996    Joel Douglas           Visually-Readable
                                                     Reagent Test Strip

08/784,053   Jan. 17, 1997    Jonathan R. Wall       Fasteners

08/787,531   Jan. 21, 1997    Bryan Cofer            Poultry House Heater

08/803,013   Feb. 21, 1997    Ray E. Wyatt           Method for Creating
                                                     Dram Container Capa-
                                                     citor and Sidewall

08/803,930   Feb. 21, 1997    Yakov G. Soskind       Lamp Reflector for
                                                     Use With Gaseous Dis-
                                                     charge Lighting

08/804,866   Feb. 24, 1997    John W. Diehl          Complex Constellation
                                                     Point Multiplier

08/807,344   Feb. 28, 1997    Mark Kremer            Creating Bitmaps
                              Quoc Tai Tran          From Multi-Level

08/808,585   Feb. 28, 1997    Quoc Tai Tran          Updating Bitmapped

08/811,930   Mar. 5, 1997     Alain Martin           Device for Transverse
                                                     Spinal Connection

08/813,330   Mar. 7, 1997     Michael G. Federowicz  Liquid Ventilation
                                                     Method and Apparatus

08/821,976   Mar. 13, 1997    Richard Todd LaSalle   Supersonic Con-
                              Salvatore F. Crivello, verging-Diverging
                              III                    Nozzle For Use On
                                                     Biological Organisms

08/857,698   May 16, 1997     Robert Hotto           Reserve Battery Assem-
                                                     bly and Related Method
                                                     of Use

08/867,059   June 2, 1997     David P. Marshall      Electrical Box

08/910,716   Aug. 13, 1997    Jon M. Huppenthal      High Density, High
                                                     Bandwidth, Coaxial
                                                     Cable, Flexible Cir-
                                                     cuit and Circuit Board
                                                     Connection Assembly