Reissue Applications Filed

   Notice under 37 CFR 1.11(b). The reissue applications listed below are
open to inspection by the general public in the indicated Examining
Groups and copies may be obtained by paying the fee therefor (37 CFR

   4,918,322, Re. S.N. 08/653,916, May 28, 1996, Cl. 379/88,
Walter W. Winter, et. al., Owner of Record: Golden Enterprises Inc.,
Melbourne, Fla., Attorney or Agent: Charles E. Wands, Ex. Gp.: 2601

   5,094,609, Re. S.N. 08/558,378, Nov. 16, 1995, Cl. 425, CHAMBER FOR
HYDRATING CONTACT LENES, Ture Kindt-Larsen, et. al., Owner of Record:
Johnson And Johnson Vision Products, Inc., New Brunswick, N.J., Attorney
or Agent: Audley A. Ciamporcero Jr., Ex. Gp.: 1305

   5,387,996, Re. S.N. 08/798,374, Feb. 7, 1997, Cl. 359/218, METHOD OF
OBTAINING A NARROW FIELD OF VIEW SCAN, David Fink, et. al., Owner of
Record: Hughes Aircraft Co., Los Angeles, Calif., Attorney or Agent:
Georgann S. Grunebach, Ex. Gp.: 2507

   5,409,810, Re. S.N. 08/839,016, April 23, 1997, Cl. 435/5, NUCLEIC
ACID DERIVATIVES, Brendan A. Larder, et. al., Owner of Record: The
Wellcome Foundation Limited, London, England, Attorney or Agent: Joe
Liebeschuctz, Ex. Gp.: 1807

   5,416,874, Re. S.N. 08/856,106, May 14, 1997, Cl. 385/100, OPTICAL
RECEIVER STUB FITTING, Markus A. Giebel, et. al., Owner of Record:
Siecor Corp., Attorney or Agent: Michael L. Goldman, Ex. Gp.: 2501

   5,479,722, Re. S.N. 08/855,884, May 12, 1997, Cl. 33/617, MOVABLE
REGISTRATION PIN MECHANISM, W. Vernon Smith, et. al., Owner of Record:
Excellon Automation Co., Torrance, Calif., Attorney or Agent: Henry G.
Kohlmann, Ex. Gp.: 3108