Registration to Practice

   The following list contains the names of persons applying for
registration to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark
Office who have been given provisional recognition pursuant to 37 CFR
10.9(a) to prepare and prosecute patent applications before the Office
until their registration certificates are mailed to them. Final approval
for registration is subject to establishing to the satisfaction of the
Director of the Office of Enrollment and Discipline that the person
seeking registration is of good moral character and repute. [37 CFR
10.7(a)]. Accordingly, any information tending to affect the eligibility
of any of the following applicants on moral, ethical, or other grounds
should be furnished to the Director, Office of Enrollment and Discipline
on or before Oct. 24, 1997.

Chari, Santosh K., 2702-25 The Esplanade, Toronto, Ont., M5E 1W5, Canada

Chi, Anthony R., 725 International Blvd., #107, Houston, Tex. 77024

Choi, Kyle J., 28611 Franklin River Dr., #304, Southfield, Mich. 48034

Conrad, Joseph M., III, 14311 Briarwood Terrace, Rockville, Md. 20853

Datlow, Philip I., 8243 Cedar Land Court, Alexandria, Va. 22306

Daub, Sally J., 450 Castlefield Ave., Toronto, Ont., M5N 1L5, Canada

Filipek, Jeffrey R., 815 S. 18th St., #305, Arlington, Va. 22202

Gambino, Darius, 805 S. 21st St., Arlington, Va. 22202

Jennings, Derek S., 19449 Transchire Rd., Gaithersburgh, Md. 20879

Prior, Kimberly J., 1305 Marsh Trail Circle, Atlanta, Ga. 30328

Raab, Sara S., 2111 Jeff. Davis Hwy., #212, North, Arlington, Va. 22202

Raciti, Eric P., 50 Follen St., #102, Cambridge, Mass. 02138

Stoll, Kara F., 4615 S. 34th St., Arlington, Va. 22206

Vogel, Nancy T., 481 Cambridge Way, Martinez, Ga. 30907

Zuttarelli, Anthony P., 43219 16th St., #23, Lancaster, Calif. 93534

August 18, 1997                                   KAREN L. BOVARD, Director
                                        Office of Enrollment and Discipline