37 CFR   1.47 Notice by Publication

   Notice is hereby given of the filing of the following applications with
a petition under 37 CFR    1.47 requesting the acceptance of the
application without the signature of all inventors or, if the inventor
is deceased, the legal representative of the deceased inventor. The
petition in each application has been granted. A notice has been sent to
the last known address of the non-signing inventor or legal
representative. The inventors or legal representatives whose signatures
are missing may join in the application by promptly filing an oath or
declaration complying with 37 CFR    1.63.

Application   Filing           Non-Signing            Title of
No.           Date             Inventor(s)            Invention

07/668,365    Mar. 13, 1991    Kranti Anand           Modification of
                                                      Fields Between Di-
                                                      electrics and

08/357,940    Dec. 16, 1994    James A. Lepinski      Method and Apparatus
                                                      for Rapid Reduction
                                                      of Iron Oxide in a
                                                      Rotary Hearth Furnace

08/415,434    April 3, 1995    Albert Montseny        Process and
                               Banajes                Devices for
                                                      Welding, Flaring and
                                                      Inserting Elbows in

08/465,024    June 5, 1995     Joseph Kustanovich     Aluminum and
                                                      Magnesium Alloys With
                                                      Controlled Oxidation

08/465,026    June 5, 1995     Joseph Kustanovich     Aluminum and
                                                      Magnesium Alloys With
                                                      Controlled Oxidation

08/489,815    June 13, 1995    Gunther Weyermanns     Process and Device
                                                      to Pelletize
                                                      Substances Which Can
                                                      Be Dispensed in the
                                                      Form of Drops

08/535,876    Sept. 28, 1995   Curtis Dicke           Off-Chip Driver

08/535,947    Sept. 28, 1995   Frank J. Pergal        Methodology for
                                                      Received Signal En-
                                                      hancement Utilizing
                                                      Delay Diversity

08/555,642    Nov. 8, 1995     Yu Chiu Kwok           Blind Tilt Controller

08/564,568    Nov. 28, 1995    Jeffrey W. Gold        Cylinder Rupture

08/583,678    Jan. 5, 1996     Sandra Birchler        Portable Multi-Level
                                                      Garden Cart

08/585,200    Jan. 11, 1996    Cheryl G. Neuberger    Storage and Display
                               James D. McCampbell    System for Cre-
                                                      mated Remains

08/670,677    June 26, 1996    Andrew John Hudson     Disc Drive Actuator
                                                      Arm with Arm Compli-
                                                      ance Compensation

08/678,845    July 12, 1996    Seo-Hong Yoo           Process for Manu-
                                                      facturing Form 1
                                                      Ranitidine Hydro-

08/679/621    July 12, 1996    Dr. Binnur Gunesin     Polymer Particles
                                                      and Their

08/685,202    July 23, 1996    Patrick O'Shea         Sprayable Composition
                                                      and Method for
                                                      Forming a Formed
                                                      Outdoor Protective
                                                      Cover Layer

08/686,057    July 24, 1996    Walter Brolin          Modular Storage
                                                      System for Stacking
                                                      Cylindrical Loads

08/694,780    Aug. 9, 1996     Rosemary Halleck       Method for Treatment
                                                      and Disposal of Pro-
                                                      Contaminated Waste

08/696,650    Aug. 14, 1996    Torsten Herrmann       Gear Throttle as a
                                                      Nucleation Device in
                                                      a Continuous Micro-
                                                      cellular Extrusion

08/703,677    Aug. 27, 1996    Brian N. Fall          Method and Apparatus
                                                      for Maintaining Co-
                                                      herency in CPU and
                                                      Bus Device Trans-

08/704,392    Aug. 27, 1996    Dennis G. Middleton    Permanent Berm Device

07/706,273    Sept. 4, 1996    Jonathan D. Emigh      Envelope Flap Opener

08/706,852    Sept. 3, 1996    Howard L. McCollister  Method of Processing
                                                      "BPS" Glass Ceramic
                                                      and Seals Made

08/719,478    Sept. 25, 1996   Lucas Goreta           Method and System for
                                                      the Transfer of In-
                                                      formation Between
                                                      Two Populations of
                                                      Persons, One Nomadic
                                                      and the Other

08/720,096    Sept. 27, 1996   Nicholas F. Scodari    Non-Alcoholic
                                                      Mouthwash for Removal
                                                      of Dental Plaque

08/766,819    Dec. 13, 1996    Lloyd Moore            Pole Climbing

08/772,700    Dec. 23, 1996    Keith Deutch           Reversible Ramp and
                                                      Method For Fabrica-
                                                      ting Same

08/785,852    Jan. 21, 1997    Panos Hadjikomninos    Dynamically Asso-
                                                      ciating Service
                                                      Script Logics to Pro-
                                                      vide a Subscriber
                                                      Feature Within an
                                                      Advanced Intelligent