37 CFR   1.47 Notice by Publication

   Notice is hereby given of the filing of the following applications
with a petition under 37 CFR    1.47 requesting the acceptance of the
application without the signature of all inventors or, if the inventor
is deceased, the legal representative of the deceased inventor. The
petition in each application has been granted. A notice has been sent to
the last known address of the non-signing inventor or legal
representative. The inventors or legal representatives whose signatures
are missing may join in the application by promptly filing an oath or
declaration complying with 37 CFR    1.63.

Application  Filing         Non-Signing             Title of
No.          Date           Inventor(s)             Invention

08/365,605   Dec. 27, 1994  Kenneth Tighe           System For Performing
                            Thomas Sweeting         Multiple Processes On
                            Timothy Fleischer       Images Of Scanned

08/536,624   Sept. 29, 1995 Joseph A. Horton        Anatomically Shaped
                                                    Vasocclusive Devices

08/554,263   Nov. 6, 1995   Judy James Potter       Image Statement
                                                    Preparation By
                                                    Work Flow Management
                                                    Using Statement
                                                    Cycles And Statement
                                                    Interactive Sessions

08/615,474   Mar. 15, 1996  Michael Leary           Automated Visual
                                                    Inspection Apparatus

08/706,204   Aug. 29, 1996  Franco Ranalli          Three Stages Process
                                                    For The Preparation Of
                                                    Solid Thermoplastic
                                                    Compositions . . .
                                                    And Extrudable