Major Changes in Trademark Classification Policy

    On January 1, 1997, the seventh edition of the Nice Agreement
(Agreement) went into effect. As a result of the changes in the
Agreement and policy decisions made within the PTO, the following class
changes have been made in U.S. trademark classification policy. There
are additional changes and additions to the U.S. Acceptable
Identification of Goods and Services Manual (U.S. Manual), however,
those listed below are the most significant and frequently encountered.
The revised U.S. Manual is available at the PTO web site
(http://www.uspto.-gov/) in the area entitled "Information by Topic."
The updated U.S. Manual will also be included on all future trademark
CD-ROM products that are produced by the PTO. Also, the U.S. Manual will
be available in paper form through the Government Printing Office in the
near future. GPO is currently accepting orders for the U.S. Manual at
(202) 512-1800.

. Retail store services (and other retail/distributorship, etc.
services) transferred from Class 42 to Class 35.
. Computer game programs transferred from Class 28 to Class 9.
. Cleaning machines, such as vacuum cleaners and floor polishing
machines, transferred from Class 9 to Class 7 with other cleaning
. Gas-powered welding apparatus transferred from Class 8 to Class 7.
. Lottery services transferred from Class 36 to Class 41.
. Videotape editing and other film editing services transferred from
Class 40 to Class 41.
. Destruction and incineration of waste and trash transferred from Class
42 to Class 40.
. Computer programs downloadable from a global computer network
transferred from Class 42 to Class 9.

February 3, 1997                                      PHILIP G. HAMPTON, II
                                      Assistant Commissioner for Trademarks