Video Conference Center

   In the interest of providing better service to its customers, the
Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) has established a Video Conference
Center (VCC) to expedite patent and trademark prosecution. The VCC is
presently administered by the Patent Academy and is available for
authorized official business during normal business hours (8:30 AM -
5:00 PM, EST). The VCC equipment includes a high resolution document
camera, direct computer input, VCR display capability and a high speed,
high resolution G-4 facsimile machine. At this time, use of the VCC will
be limited to our partnership Patent and Trademark Depository Libraries
(PTDLs) located at Sunnyvale, Calif. and the Great Lakes Patent and
Trademark Center at the Detroit Public Library, which have duplicate
video equipment. Customers wishing to utilize the facilities at the
above noted PTDLs rather than coming to the PTO for a face-to-face
interview, should contact the patent examiner or trademark examining
attorney and identify two alternative dates and time for a video
conference. The patent examiner or trademark examining attorney will
then contact Patent Academy personnel who will, in turn, make all the
arrangements. The customer will be notified as to the date and time of
the video conference.