37 CFR  1.47 Notice by Publication

  Notice is hereby given of the filing of the following applications with
a petition under 37 CFR    1.47 requesting the acceptance of the
application without the signature of all inventors or, if the inventor
is deceased, the legal representative of the deceased inventor. The
petition in each application has been granted. A notice has been sent to
the last known address of the non-signing inventor or the legal
representative. The inventors or legal representatives whose signatures
are missing may join in the application by promptly filing an oath or
declaration complying with 37 CFR    1.63.

Application   Filing Date    Non-Signing               Title of Invention
No.                          Inventor(s)

08/225,212    April 8, 1994  Richard H. Fox            Method for Trans-
                                                       lating Internet
                                                       Prototocol Addresses
                                                       to Other Distri-
                                                       buted Network
                                                       Addressing Schemes

08/296,735    Aug. 26, 1994  Gunter Weyermanns         Process and Device
                                                       for Pellet-Freezing
                                                       Pourable and
                                                       Flowable Materials

08/324,060    Oct. 17, 1994  Hugh P. Craig             Electrically Con-
                                                       ductive Composi-
                                                       tions and Methods
                                                       for the Preparation
                                                       and Use Thereof

08/341,015    Nov. 17, 1994  Ariel Mark Hunt           Adaptive Time-
                             Virgil M. Rochester, Jr.  Division Multiplex-
                             Charles S. Jonson         ing Communications
                                                       Protocol Method &

08/363,694    Dec. 23, 1994  Kenneth H. Durm           Air Conditioning
                             Warren Vanderpool         Support Pads

08/375,723    Jan. 20, 1995  Ralph P. Leigh            Method & Apparatus
                                                       For Forming Pads

08/414,524    March 31, 1995 David W. Lambeth          Gas Pressure

08/418,698    April 7, 1995  Hollis O'Neal Hall II     Method and
                                                       Apparatus for
                                                       Aligning An Objec-
                                                       tive Lens

08/425,911    April 20, 1995 Bruce D. Stambugh         Tear Resistant
                                                       Multilayer Films
                                                       And Articles Incor-
                                                       porating Such Films

08/434,084    May 3, 1995    John L. Zipprich II       Ethylene/Alpha-
                                                       Substituted Car-
                                                       boxylic Acid

08/439,577    May 11, 1995   Paul Furth                Combinatorial Syn-
                                                       thesis and High-
                                                       Troughput Screening
                                                       of A Rev-Inhibiting

08/446,148    May 22, 1995   Thomas R. Tice            Chemotherapeutic
                                                       Treatment of
                                                       Bacterial Infections
                                                       with an Antibiotic
                                                       Encapsulated within
                                                       a Bio-degradable
                                                       Polymeric Matix

08/472,873    June 7, 1995   Hugh P. Craig             Electrically
                                                       Conductive Compo-
                                                       sitions and Methods
                                                       for the Preparation
                                                       and Use Thereof

08/474,831    June 7, 1995   Hollis O'Neal Hall II     Method and
                                                       Apparatus for
                                                       Aligning An Objec-
                                                       tive Lens

08/475,240    June 7, 1995   Hollis O'Neal Hall II     Method and
                                                       Apparatus for
                                                       Aligning An Objec-
                                                       tive Lens

08/510,870    Aug. 2, 1995   Dennis Skvarce            Apparatus for
                                                       Mounting A Shearing

08/524,294    Sept. 5, 1995  Michael Shebanow          Methods for Updating
                                                       Fetch Program

08/549,472    Oct. 27, 1995  Christopher R. Miller     Multiple Cone

08/555,732    Nov. 9, 1995   Alan Mandler              System and Method
                                                       for Managing
                                                       Insurance Claim

08/559,516    Nov. 15,1995   Alessandro S. Subrizi     Menu-Level Indicator
                             Elizabeth Bauer-Nilsen    for a Telephone
                             Sanders                   Terminal
                             David M. Gresham

08/575,792    Dec. 22, 1995  Richard B. Kash           Microprocessor
                                                       Controlled Sensor
                                                       Signal Condition-
                                                       ing Circuit

08/585,425    Jan. 11, 1996  Gary T. Mackey            Electronic Trigger

08/587,785    Dec. 26, 1995  Billy P. Cannon           Easy Opening Carton
                                                       for Shipping and
                                                       Storing Cut Paper

08/612,044    March 7, 1996  Darryl G. Walker          Staggered Pipeline
                                                       Access Scheme for
                                                       Synchronous Random
                                                       Access Memory

08/617,028    March 18, 1996 Andrian F. Ionescu        Power Regulator

08/661,741    June 11, 1996  William Barrie Hart       Atomising Nozzle
                                                       and Filter And
                                                       Spray Generating

08/684,408    July 19, 1996  Frank A. Stevens          Iron Carbide Process
                             Frank M. Stevens, Jr.