The following Utility patent was inadvertently omitted from the
October 22, 1996 Official Gazette.

                         FLASHLIGHT WITH FLEXIBLE CORE
   Richard J. Carbone, Southbury, Conn., assignor to Black & Decker
Inc., Newark, Del.
   Continuation of Ser. No. 286,313, Aug. 5, 1994, Pat. No. 5,521,803.
This application Feb. 21, 1996, Ser. No. 604,639
                             Int. Cl.6 F21L 15/20
U.S. Cl. 362/198                                             10 Claims

1. A flashlight comprising:
a first housing forming a power end for said flashlight;
at least one battery housed in said first housing;
a second housing spaced from said first housing and supporting a
  reflector, a lens and a light bulb;
a flexible mounting assembly connecting said first housing to said
  second housing and comprising a pair of electrically conductive wires
  electrically connecting said battery to said light bulb, a flexible
  spine including a plurality of interconnecting and universally rotatable
  members, and a resilient sleeve member surrounding an outer surface of
  each of the rotatable members forming said spine; and
one of said first and second housings including a longitudinally
  extending convex surface and the other of said housings including a
  longitudinally extending concave surface, said convex surface being
  positioned substantially opposite said concave surface for insertion
  thereinto when said flexible mounting assembly is folded to provide a
  compact configuration.