37 CFR    1.47 Notice by Publication

  Notice is hereby given of the filing of the following applications
with a petition under 37 CFR    147 requesting the acceptance of the
application without the signature of all inventors or, if the inventor
is deceased, the legal representative of the deceased inventor. The
petition in each application has been granted. A notice has been sent to
the last known address of the non-signing inventor or the legal
representative. The inventors or legal representatives whose signatures
are missing may join in the application by promptly filing an oath or
declaration complying with 37 CFR    1.63.

Application     Filing Date     Non-Signing     Title of Invention
No.                             Inventor(s)

08/077,875      June 18, 1993   Francesco       New Heparin Derivatives
                                della Valle

08/236,562      April 29, 1994  Jonathan S.     Clean, Tropodegradable
                                Nimitz          Agents With Low
                                                Ozone Depletion
                                                And Global Warming
                                                Potentials To Protect
                                                Against Fires And

08/356,882      Dec. 15, 1994   Manoj Kole      Control Of PH During
                                                Bordetella Growth

08/366,547      Dec. 30, 1994   Shideng Bao     A New Cancer Associated
                                                Gene, Protein Expessed
                                                Therefrom And Used

08/372,387      Dec. 21, 1994   Giovanni Maria  A Hydraulic
                                Testa           Control Circuit
                                Elio Bertotti   For Working Members
                                                Of Earthmoving Machines

08/415,171      March 31, 1995  Jerry Twomey    Grandiflora Rose Variey
                                                Named `Twofavor'

08/418,343      April 7, 1995   George Gabor    RF Driven Sulfur Lamp

08/433,293      May 3, 1995     Arian Adrienne  Expression Of
                                                Heterologous Van Der
                                                Straten-Ponthoz Proteins
                                                In Drosophila Cells

08/446,533      May 19, 1995    Chi-Deu Chang   A Kit Containing
                                                Glutaraldehyde Coated
                                                Collodial Metal Particles
                                                Of A Preselected Size

08/454,400      May 30, 1995    Kurt Matthew    Tire Tread Pitch Bands

08/457,054      June 1, 1995    Jonathan S.     Clean, Tropodegradable
                                Nimitz          Agents With Low
                                                Ozone Depletion And
                                                Global Warming Potentials
                                                To Protect Against
                                                Fires And Explosions

08/477,509      June 7, 1995    James Chambers  Novel Peptides
                                                Comprising Repetitive
                                                Units Of Amino Acids
                                                And DNA Sequences Encoding
                                                The Same

08/486,523      June 7, 1995    Joseph R.       Display Case With
                                Santosuosso     Lens Lighting System

08/486,683      June 7, 1995    Daniel St.      Recombinant
                                Louis           Retroviruses

08/500,806      July 11, 1995   Vivien J.       Electronic
                                Cambridge       Clinical Thermometer
                                Thomas L. Koger

08/503,955      July 19, 1995   Samuel C.       Apparatus For
                                Kingston        Synchronizing
                                Steven T.       Multipoint-To-Point
                                Barham          Communications Systems
                                John W.
                                Zscheile, Jr.

08/508,918      July 29, 1995   Rajan Bali      Site Security System

08/516,230      Aug. 17, 1995   Michael         Method And Appartus
                                Shebanow        For Coordinating The
                                                Use Of Physical
                                                Registers In A

08/516,840      Aug. 18, 1995   John E. Watkins An Intelligent Low
                                                Power Serial Bus

08/516,850      Aug. 18, 1995   John E. Watkins A Method For
                                                Transmitting Information
                                                Over An Intelligent
                                                Low Power Serial Bus

08/521,667      Aug. 31, 1995   Brian McGinnis  Modeling Of Object
                                Floyd           Oriented
                                McWilliams      Database Structures,
                                                Translation To Relational
                                                Database Structures, And
                                                Dynamic Searches Thereon

08/522,567      Sept. 1, 1995   Michael         Reclamation Of
                                Shebanow        Processor Resources In A
                                                Data Processor

08/522,845      Sept. 1, 1995   Michael         Method And Apparatus
                                Shebanow        For Accelerating Control
                                                Transfer Returns

08/523,220      Sept. 5, 1995   Donald Olson    Labeling Apparatus And

08/523,384      Sept. 5, 1995   Michael         Method And Apparatus
                                Shebanow        For Selecting Instructions
                                                From Ones Ready
                                                To Execute

08/524,195      Sept. 6, 1995   S. Erik         Improved Catalysts
                                Pedersen        For The Hydrogenation
                                                Of Aqueous Maleic Acid
                                                To 1,4-Butanediol

08/536,818      Sept. 29, 1995  Marina E.       Improved In Situ
                                Janszen         Amplification Process

08/539,399      Oct. 5, 1995    Robert Ferguson Parallel Computer

08/540,263      Oct. 6, 1995    Steve S.        Mobile Or Modular
                                Lipsky, Jr.     Home Heating And
                                                Humidifying System And
                                                Method For Installing
                                                Humidifier Therein

08/552,434      Nov. 3, 1995    Lester          Process For
                                Friedmann       Azeotropic Distillation
                                                Of Aqueous
                                                Chloral Mixtures

08/555,638      Nov. 8, 1995    Robin Carlson   Boom Suspension

08/556,442      Nov. 9, 1995    Steven G.       An Apparatus And
                                Christensen     Method For Assessing
                                                Memory In A TDM Network

08/563,784      Nov. 27, 1995   Scott Usher     Miniature Lighting

08/600,681      Feb. 13, 1996   Filiberto       Illuminated Tool
                                Rodriguez       Caddy