Requests for Reexaminations Filed

   Notice under 37 CFR 1.11(c). The requests for reexamination listed
below are open to inspection by the general public in the indicated
Examining Groups. Copies of the requests and related papers may be
obtained by paying the fee therefor established in the Rules (37 CFR
   In the event correspondence to the patent owner is not received, this
notice will be considered to be constructive notice to the patent owner
and reexamination will proceed (37 CFR 1.248(a)(5) and 1.525(b)).

   4,396,806, Reexam. No. 90/004,246, May 21, 1996, Cl. 381/103, HEARING
AID AMPLIFYER, Jared A. Anderson, Owner of Record: A & L Ventures I,
Orinda, Calif.,  Attorney or Agent: Cooley Godward Castro Huddleson &
Tatum, Palo Alto, Calif., Ex. Gp.: 2608, Requester: Topholm &
Westermann, c/o David J. Cushing, Shugrue Mion Zinn MacPeak & Seas,
Washington, D.C.

   5,037,753, Reexam. No. 90/004,247, May 21, 1996, Cl. 435/235.1,
FELINE T-LYMPHO TROPIC LENTIVIRUS, Neils C. Pedersen, et. al., Owner of
Record: The Regents of the Univ. of California, Alameda, Calif.,
Attorney or Agent: James M. Heslin, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, Palo
Alto, Calif., Ex. Gp.: 1802, Requester: Edward S. Irons, Washington, D.C.

   5,254,002, Reexam. No. 90/004,245, May 17, 1996, Cl. 433/008,
ORTHODONTIC PLASTIC BRACKET, James F. Reher, et. al., Owner of Record:
Ormco Corp., Glendora, Calif.,  Attorney or Agent: Gregory F. Ahrens,
Wood Herron & Evans, Cincinnati, Ohio, Ex. Gp.: 3303, Requester: Kenyon
& Kenyon, New York, N.Y.

   5,405,922, Reexam. No. 90/004,248, May 21, 1996, Cl. 526/068, PROCESS
Owner of Record: Exxon Chemical Patents, Inc., Wilmington, Del.,
Attorney or Agent: Jaimes Sher, Exxon Chemical Co., Baytown, Tex., Ex.
Gp.: 1505, Requester: BP Chemicals Ltd., London, England, c/o Finnegan
Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner, Washington, D.C.