Survey of Registered Practitioners in Patent Cases

  Pursuant to 37 CFR 10.11(b), a survey letter was mailed on January 19,
1996, from the Office of Enrollment and Discipline (OED) to all
practitioners in patent cases registered prior to November 14, 1995,
whose last names begin with S. Enclosed with the letter was a blue data
sheet which was to be completed and returned to OED within 45 days.
Failure to respond within that time period may result in the removal of
your name from the register. If your last name begins with S and you did
not receive a survey letter, please contact Shirley B. Rasheed at (703)
308-5316 x17.

April 26, 1996                                  KAREN L. BOVARD, Director
                                        Office of Enrollment & Discipline