Manual of Patent Examining Procedure
                           Sixth Edition, Revision 1

   This Manual is published to provide Patent and Trademark Office patent
examiners, applicants, attorneys, agents, and representatives of
applicants with a reference work on the practices and procedures
relative to the prosecution of patent applications before the Patent and
Trademark Office.
   Printed copies of the MPEP are available on a subscription basis
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202-512-1800 (fax: 202-512-2250).
   The MPEP is available in electronic form as an ASCII text file
downloadable (no charge) from the PTO BBS (703-305-8950) or the PTO WWW
site on the Internet (WWW address (url):, as a
searchable text file on the Patents ASSIST CD-ROM product which includes
many other useful files (CD Answer    software), and as a searchable
text file with hypertext links on floppy disk (FolioVIEWS     3.1
software under MS-DOS or MS Windows).
   The CD Answer    version of the MPEP (on Patents ASSIST) may not be
used in a network unless an additional fee is paid (call 703-306-2600
for details). The FolioVIEWS     version of the MPEP may be used in a
network at no additional cost.
   The electronic versions are not sold on a subscription basis. Each
revision is fully incorporated into the base edition and republished as
a whole.

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