Reissue Applications Filed

   Notice under 37 CFR 1.11(b). The reissue applications listed below are
open to inspection by the general public in the indicated Examining
Groups and copies may be obtained by paying the fee therefor (37 CFR

   5,265,167, Re. S.N. 08/561,751, Nov. 22, 1995, Cl. 381/40, SPEECH
CODING AND DECODING APPARATUS, Masami Akamine, et. al., Owner of Record:
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba, Kawasaki-Shi, Japan, Attorney or Agent:
Gregory J. Maier, Ex. Gp.: 2608

   5,283,761, Re. S.N. 08/595,020, Jan. 31, 1996, Cl. 365/189.07, METHOD
OF MULTI-LEVEL STORAGE IN DRAM, Peter B. Gillingham, Owner of Record:
Mosaid Technologies Incorporated, Kanata, Canada, Attorney or Agent:
James M. Smith, Ex. Gp.: 2511

   5,288,215, Re. S.N. 08/605,747, Feb. 22, 1996, Cl. 417/423.7,
INTEGRAL MOTOR CENTRIFUGAL PUMP, Dennis H. Chancellor, et. al., Owner of
Record: Inventors, Attorney or Agent: John R. Roos, Ex. Gp.: 3403

   5,328,947, Re. S.N. 08/609,006, Feb. 29, 1996, CL. 524/580, TWO-PART
ADHESIVE, Koichi Taguchi, et. al., Owner of Record: Denki Kagaku Kogyo
Kabushiki Kaisha, Tokyo, Japan, Attorney or Agent: Norman F. Oblon, Ex.
Gp.: 1505

   5,445,084, Re. S.N. 08/608,234, Feb. 28, 1996, Cl. 108/56.3, NORMED
TRANSPORT PALLET, Michel G. Durand, Owner of Record: Antal Trading, LTD,
Dublin, Ireland,  Attorney or Agent: Charles E. Bergere, Ex. Gp.: 3507