Service by Publication

  A petition to cancel the registrations identified below having been
filed, and the notice of such proceeding sent by certified mail to
registrant at the last known address having been returned by the Postal
Service as undeliverable, notice is hereby given that unless the
registrant listed herein, their assigns or legal representatives, shall
enter an appearance within thirty days of this publication, the
cancellation will proceed as in the case of default.

Washington Manufacturing Company, Nashville, Tenn., Reg. No. 759,725 for
the mark GOLD STAR, Canc. No. 24,093.

John One Ten Partnership, Santa Ana, Calif., Reg. No. 1,151,782 for the
mark DESIGN OF DESCENDING DOVE, Canc. No. 24,152.

Golfstix USA, Inc., Dallas, Tex., Reg. No. 1,663,505 for the mark GOLF
STIX, Canc. No. 24,218.

Yuppie Gourmet, Inc., Racine, Wis., Reg. No. 1,616,906 for the mark THE
ELITE TREAT! AND DESIGN, Canc. No. 24,231.

Ava Enterprises, Inc., Los Angeles, Calif., Reg. No. 1,730,794 for the
mark BOSS AUDIO SYSTEMS (STYLIZED), Canc. No. 24,248.

Mr. Parts, Inc., Oklahoma City, Okla., Reg. No. 1,044,782 for the mark
MR. PARTS, Canc. No. 24,304.

Bini Imports Corp., Jackson Heights, N.Y., Reg. No. 1,764,742 for the
mark ALEN AND DESIGN, Canc. No. 24,421.

The VCM Group, Inc., Prescott, Ariz., Reg. No. 693,472 for the mark
SILENT GIANT, Canc. No. 23,106

                                                                JEAN BROWN
                                                Technical Support Manager,
                                                           Trademark Trial
                                                     and Appeal Board, for
                                                        ROBERT M. ANDERSON
                                             Deputy Assistant Commissioner
                                                            for Trademarks