Patent Examiner Legal Training

   In a notice which first appeared in the Official Gazette dated April
25, 1995 (1173 OG 426), the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) set forth
its intention to establish a Juris Masters (JM) Program to improve the
legal competency of its patent professionals. That notice described the
Program concept and requested public comment. In response to the notice,
a total of four (4) written comments were received.
   Based upon the comments received, PTO has determined that a legal
studies program consisting of 6 or 7 core law school courses such as
contracts, evidence and constitutional law should be offered as part of
a JM Program. Consequently, the PTO has entered into an interagency
agreement with the Department of Agriculture Graduate School (hereafter
USDA) to arrange for an accredited law school to teach the courses and
administer the JM Program.
   Any accredited law school interested in participating in the Program
or seeking further information should contact John Wells of the USDA
Graduate School at (703) 308-5306 no later than October 31, 1995.

                                                       EDWARD R. KAZENSKE
                                            Deputy Assistant Commissioner
                                                              for Patents