Summary of Final Decisions
                                 Issued by the
                       Trademark Trial and Appeal Board
                                May 8-12, 1995

                Type            Proceeding
Date            of              or                      Party/
Issued          Case (1)        App'n No.               Parties

5-9             EX              74/221,338              Fran Belyea Varnum

5-9             EX              74/193,303              Sure Fit Holdings, Inc.

5-11            EX              74/123,065              Bauer Industries, Inc.

5-11            OPP             85,504                  Next Computer, Inc. v.
                                                        Natural Decisions

                                Opposer's/              Applicant's/
                                Petitioner's            Respondent's
                TTAB            Mark and                Mark and
Issue           Decision        Goods/Services          Goods/Services

2(d)            Refusal                                 "ASTRO LOGIC"
                Affirmed                                (and design)
                                                        [pocket computer
                                                        featuring programs in
                                                        the field of astrology]

2(d)            Refusal                                 "DECOR EXPRESS"
                Reversed                                (and design)
                                                        [unfitted fabric
                                                        furniture covers,
                                                        draperies, curtains,
                                                        window shades,
                                                        valances, bedspreads,
                                                        comforters, sheets,
                                                        pillowcases, table
                                                        linens, fabric shower
                                                        curtains, and towels]

2(e)(1)         Renewed                                 "SMART-SINK"
                Request for                             [wash stations for
                Reconsideration                         hand washing]

2(d); 2(a)      Opposition      "NEXT STEP"             "THE NEXT
[false          Sustained       (in stylized            LOGICAL STEP"
suggestion      [on 2(d)        lettering)              [computer software
of a            grounds         [recorded computer      for use in the fields of
connection      only]           programs on magnetic    real estate, artifical
with                            media and a manual of   intelligence, expert
opposer]                        operating instructions  systems and
                                supplied as a unit      accounting, and
                                with the magnetic       instruction manuals,
                                media] et. al.          all sold as a unit]

Mark and
Goods of Registration                           Recommended
Cited by                                        for
Examining Atty.                                 Publication

"ASTRO-LOGIC"                                   No
[charts, brochures,
pamphlets, books,
newspaper features
published from time to
time, and newspaper
columns, all dealing
               Certificates of Correction
             For The Week of July 18, 1995

   Re. 34,850    5,355,190      5,393,638       5,406,087
   Re. 34,904    5,355,443      5,393,975       5,406,132
   D. 351,559    5,357,041      5,