Service by Publication

   A petition to cancel the registrations identified below having been
filed, and the notice of such proceeding sent by certified mail to
registrant at the last known address having been returned by the Postal
Service as undeliverable, notice is hereby given that unless the
registrants listed herein, their assigns or legal representatives, shall
enter an appearance within thirty days of this publication, the
cancellation will proceed as in the case of default.

   Rocketwear USA, Inc., San Francisco, Calif., Reg. No. 1,575,078, for
the mark "ROCKET SURFWEAR USA AND DESIGN", Canc. No. 23,550.

   Zanella Corp., Chicago, Ill., Reg. No. 678,581 for the mark "ZANELLA'S",
Canc. No. 23,541.

   Heidi A. Miller, Laguna Hills, Calif., Reg. No. 1,616,454 for the mark
"BODY SCULPTING (STYLIZED)", Canc. No. 23,250.

   Membrane Production Technology, Inc., Raleigh, N.C., Reg. No. 1,522,490
for the mark "ISOGRO", Canc. No. 23,221.

   MBJ Corp., Reistertown, Md., Reg. No. 1,232,000, for the mark "TYLER'S",
Canc. No. 22,874.

   Jeffrey John Killen, dba Rasta Sportswear, Huntington Beach, Calif.,
Reg. No. 1,617,688, for the mark "RASTA", Canc. No. 23,171.

   Mad Intelligent Systems, Inc., San Jose, Calif., Reg. No. 1,653,363,
for the mark "SMART DATA SYSTEM", Canc. No. 23,282.

   Beep Communication Systems, Inc., New York, N.Y., Reg. No. 1,072,878,
for the mark "BEEP IN TOUCH", Canc. No. 23,376.

   Miller Bros. Industries, Inc., New York, N.Y., Reg. No. 706,683, for
the mark "EASY LIVIN'", Canc. No. 23,271.

   Model American Computer Corp., Newton, Mass., Reg. No. 1,599,395, for
the mark "MODEL AMERICAN", Canc. No. 23,672.

   Sutton Shirt Corp., New York, N.Y., Reg. No. 1,540,576 for the mark
"THE WEEKENDER PLAID", Canc. No. 22,948.

   Charles Spurgeon and Sally Spurgeon, Del Mar, Calif., Reg. No.
1,644,188 for the mark "SACHA AND DESIGN", Canc. No. 23,359.

   Liquinet, Inc., Fort Lee, N.J., Reg. No. 1,712,837 for the mark "THE

                                                                     JEAN BROWN
                                                            Trademark Trial and
                                                                  Appeal Board,
                                                         for Robert M. Anderson
                                                               Deputy Assistant
                                                    Commissioner for Trademarks