Reducing Regulatory Burden

   President Clinton has made reduction of the regulatory burden on the
American public an important goal of his administration, and he has asked
each agency to review all its regulations with this goal in mind. We at
the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) share the President's goal,
believing that our regulations should constantly be reviewed and updated
to eliminate archaic and outdated regulations and to avoid burdening our
customers anymore than necessary.
   To accomplish these objectives. I am publishing with this notice PTO's
present proposals to streamline and eliminate certain regulations. I ask
you to review these proposals and provide any comment you may have. I am
also seeking any additional suggestions to simplify, eliminate, or
streamline PTO's rules particularly in a way that would reduce the burden
they impose on PTO's customers. Please forward your comments and
suggestions by July 10, 1995, to:

Box 8
Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks
Washington, D.C. 20231

Attn: Nancy J. Linck

   You may send your comments by facsimile to 703-305-9373.

May 12, 1995                                                    BRUCE A. LEHMAN
                                            Assistant Secretary of Commerce and
                                                        Commissioner of Patents
                                                                 and Trademarks