Special box designations should be used to allow forwarding of
particular types of mail to the appropriate areas as quickly as possible.
Such mail is forwarded to the appropriate area without being opened. Only
the specified type of document should be placed in an envelope addressed
to one of these special boxes. If any documents other than the specified
type identified for each special box are addressed to that box, they will
be significantly delayed in reaching the appropriate area for which they
are intended.
   Please address mail as follows:

                                 Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks
                                 Washington, D.C. 20231

Box Designations     Explanation

Box 7                Reissue applications for patents involved in litigation
                     and subsequently filed related papers.
Box 12               Contributions to the Examiner Education Program.
Box 313b             Petitions under 37 CFR 1.313(b) to withdraw a patent
                     application from issue after payment of the issue fee and
                     any papers associated with the petition, including papers
                     necessary for filing a continuing application.
Box AF               Expedited procedure for processing amendments and other
                     responses after final rejection.
Box DAC              Petitions decided by the Office of Petitions
                     including petitions to revive and petitions to accept
                     late payment of issue fees or maintenance fees.
Box DD               Disclosure Documents or material related to the Disclosure
                     Document Program.
Box FWC              Requests for File Wrapper Continuation Applications
                     (under 37 CFR 1.62).
Box Interference     Communications relating to interferences
                     and applications and patents involved in interference.
Box Issue Fee        All communications following the receipt of a PTOL-85,
                     "Notice of Allowance and Issue Fee Due," and prior to
                     the issuance of a patent should be addressed to Box
                     Issue Fee, unless advised to the contrary. Assignments
                     are the exception. Assignments should be submitted in a
                     separate envelope and not be sent to Box Issue Fee.
Box M Fee            Correspondence related to a patent that is subject to
                     the payment of a maintenance fee.
Box MPEP             Submissions concerning the Manual of Patent Examining
Box Non-Fee-
Amendment            Non-fee amendments to patent applications.
                     (Use Box AF for responses after final rejection).
APPLICATION          New patent application and associated papers and
Box Pat. Ext.        Applications for patent term extension.
Box PCT              Mail related to applications filed under the
                     Patent Cooperation Treaty.
Box Reconstruction   Correspondence pertaining to the reconstruction of lost
                     patent files.
Box Reexam           Requests for Reexamination for original request papers
Box Sequence         Submission of diskette for biotechnical application.
Box SN               For fee and petitions under 37 CFR 1.182 to
                     obtain date received and/or serial number for patent
                     applications prior to the Office's standard notification
                     (return postcard or the official "Filing Receipt,"
                     "Notice to File Missing Parts," or "Notice of Incomplete


   Special box designations should be used to allow forwarding of
particular types of trademark mail to the appropriate areas as quickly as
possible. In addition to these box designations, filers are encouraged to
indicate whether the contents of the envelope contain a fee. Envelopes
containing a fee should be marked "FEE;" envelopes not containing a fee
should be marked "NO FEE." Box designations and "FEE/NO FEE" indicators
should appear on the envelope as well as on the cover sheet or first page
of any document.
   Please address mail as follows:

                                 FEE (or "NO FEE")
                                 Assistant Commissioner for Trademarks
                                 2900 Crystal Drive
                                 Arlington, Virginia 22202-3513

Box Designations     Explanation

Box NEW APP FEE      New trademark applications and fees.
Box ITU FEE          Statements of Use (SOU's), and extension requests.
Box TTAB FEE         Oppositions, Cancellation petitions, and ex parte
Box TTAB NO FEE      Interferences, motions and extension requests.
Box STATUS NO FEE    Written status inquiries.
Box POST REG FEE     Affidavits, renewals, corrections, and amendments.
Box RESPONSES NO FEE Responses to Examining Attorneys' Office actions and
                     Post Registration actions.

                          SPECIAL BOXES APPLICABLE TO
                        BOTH PATENT AND TRADEMARK MAIL

   The following special box designations are applicable to both patent and
trademark related mail, and the recommendations for "Special Boxes for
Patent Mail" (above) should be followed for the types of mail listed below.
   Please address mail as follows:

                                 Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks
                                 Washington, D.C. 20231
Box Designations   Explanation

Box 3              Mail for the Office of Personnel from NFC.
Box 4              Mail for the Assistant Commissioner for External
                   Affairs and the Office of Legislative and International
Box 6              Mail for the Office of Procurement.
Box 8              All papers for the Office of the Solicitor except
                   communications relating to pending litigation; papers
                   relating to pending litigation shall be mailed only
                   to the Office of the Solicitor, P.O. Box 15667, Arlington,
                   Virginia 22215.
Box 9              Coupon orders for U.S. patent and trademark copies.
Box 10             Orders for certified copies of PTO documents.
Box 11             Electronic Ordering Service (EOS).
Box 13             Mail for the Employee and Labor Relations Division.
Box 14             Mail directed to the APS Contracts Office.
Box 16             Deposit Account Replenishment Checks.
Box 17             Invoices directed to the Office of Finance.
Box 171            Vacancy Announcement Applications.
Box Assignment     All assignment documents except those filed with new
Box EEO            Mail for the Office of Civil Rights.
Box OED            Mail for the Office of Enrollment and Discipline.