Notice of Restructuring and Move
                           of Patent Examining Corps

   The Patent Examining Corps is being restructured and expanded to meet
the needs of the public, changing technology, and workload requirements.
   The restructuring involves hiring a large number of new examiners and a
rebalancing of the examining Corps to more accurately reflect anticipated
workloads and better associate related arts. This will necessitate some
art units being moved.
   Additionally, art units will be shifted among groups to provide
appropriate support for the changing workloads.
   It is expected that the relocation and other changes will begin about
April 2, 1995, and end by April 20, 1995. The Art Units affected will then
be located as shown in the table at the end of this notice.

Mar. 30, 1995                                                EDWARD R. KAZENSKE
                                                  Deputy Assistant Commissioner
                                                                    for Patents

                Art Unit Realignment Matrixas of April 2, 1995

Art Unit                        Art Unit                          Location
(Old)                           (New)

1101                            1303,1304,1307,1308               CP3 5th Floor
                                                                  CP3 6th Floor
2203                            1208                              CM1 4th Floor

2401                            3207                              CP2 9th Floor
2404                            3208                              CP2 9th Floor

2402                            3405                              CP4 6th Floor
2407                            3408                              CP4 6th Floor

2403                            3105                              CP4 7th Floor
2406                            3108                              CP4 7th Floor
2405                            3503                              CP4 7th Floor

2604                            2211                             CPK1 5th Floor
2605                            2212                             CPK1 5th Floor
2607                            2213                             CPK1 5th Floor
2616                            2214                             CPK1 5th Floor
2618                            2215                             CPK1 5th Floor

2301                            2412                             CPK2 4th Floor
2303                            2415                             CPK2 4th Floor
2311                            2411                             CPK2 4th Floor
2313                            2413                             CPK2 4th Floor
2314                            2414                             CPK2 4th Floor