Requests for Reexamination Filed

 Notice under 37 CFR 1.11 (c). The requests for reexamination listed below are
open to inspection by the general public in the indicated Examining Groups.
Copies of the requests and related papers may be obtained by paying the fee
therefor established in the Rules (37 CFR 1.19 (a)).
 In the event correspondence to the patent owner is not received, this notice
will be considered to be constructive notice to the patent owner and
reexamination will proceed (37 CFR 1.248(a)(5) and 1.525(b)).

 4,368,560, Reexam. No. 90/003,273, Dec. 15, 1993, Cl. 307/460, ARRANGEMENT FOR
REMOVING SKIN OF SLAUGHTERED ANIMALS, Ludwig Wetzel, et al,. Owner of Record:
Schmid & Wezel, Maulbronn, Germany, Attorney or Agent: Felix J. D'Ambrosio,
Jones, Tullar & Cooper, Arlington, Va., Ex. Gp.: 3203, Requester: Owner

 4,758,745, Reexam. No. 90/003,274, Dec. 15, 1993, Cl. 307/460, USER
Abbus Elgamal, et al., Owner of Record: Actel Corp., Sunnyvale, Calif.,
Attorney or Agent: Steven D. Hemminger, Lyon & Lyon, Los Angeles, Calif.,
Ex. Gp.: 2509, Requester: Owner

 5,155,768, Reexam. No. 90/003,267, Dec. 3, 1993, Cl. 380/023, SECURITY SYSTEM
FOR SOFTWARE, Taku Matsuhara, Owner of Record: Sega Enterprises, Ltd., Tokyo,
Japan, Attorney or Agent: Michael E. Dergosits, Dergosits & Noah, San
Francisco, Calif., Ex. Gp.: 2202, Requester: Owner