Availability of PatentIn
                           Computer Program Training

1. Training In Washington, D.C. Friday, January 20, 1995 and Friday,
February 24, 1995
   The Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) has developed a computer program,
called PatentIn, that will facilitate compliance with the Requirements for
Patent Applications Containing Nucleotide Sequence and/or Amino Acid
Sequence Disclosures (sequence rules: 37 CFR 1.821 through 1.825). (Final
rules were published in the Federal Register, 55 Fed. Reg. 18230 (May 1,
1990), and in the Official Gazette, 1114 O.G. 29 (May 15, 1990).)
   Two one-day training sessions will be held on the use of the PatentIn
Computer Program on Friday, January 20, 1995 and Friday, February 24,
1995. Each session will be conducted from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. The
training will be held at the Department of Agriculture Graduate School
Training Facility. The School is located at 600 Maryland Ave., S.W.,
Washington, D.C. at the L'Enfant Plaza Metro stop.
   The training will be hands on, using personal computer equipment and
will include (1) the use of PatentIn to prepare the sequence listing file
of information, and (2) the use of word processing software to prepare the
PatentIn sequence listing file for inclusion as part of the application
papers. The class will also include training on the basic file editing and
manipulation skills that may be necessary for preparing sequence
information for importing into PatentIn.
   Because of the limited number of computers available, the class will be
limited to no more than 17 participants.
   Requests to attend the class should be made in writing, addressed to
the Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks; Washington, D.C. 20231;
Attention: Arthur F. Purcell, Office of the Administrator for Search and
Information Resources; Crystal Park Building 3, Suite 702. Requests should
include a check for $100, made payable to the Commissioner of Patents and
Trademarks, or an authorization to charge a PTO Deposit Account. Requests
authorizing charges to Deposit Accounts may also be sent via facsimile to
2. Training On Request
   On request from a sponsoring organization, PatentIn training, as well
as training on the sequence Rules, can also be provided by qualified PTO
instructors at remote locations under the following conditions:

   - A request for such training should be directed to the Commissioner of
Patents and Trademarks, Patent and Trademark Office, Washington, D.C.
20231, by the sponsoring organization. The request should reference this

  - Because the number of qualified instructors is very limited, sponsoring
organizations normally should submit requests at least three months in
advance of the desired training session date and should be flexible as
regards scheduling of training sessions.

  - If the sponsoring organization is other than a non-profit entity or
membership association, e.g., the sponsoring organization is a private
company or firm, that organization must specify that the training
opportunity will also be made available to individuals not employed by the
company or firm.

  - The sponsoring organization must agree to pay for all travel related
expenses of the instructor(s) plus a fixed fee of $500 per instructor per
instruction day to cover salary, overhead and training materials costs.

  - The sponsoring organization must provide the physical facilities and any
equipment necessary to conduct the training. Since these will vary
according to the circumstances and number of trainees, such arrangements
should be made in consultation with the instructor.

   Any questions concerning this notice should be directed to Arthur F.
Purcell, by telephone at (703) 308-6856, or by FAX at (703) 308-6879.

                                                              WILLIAM S. LAWSON
                                               Search and Information Resources