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Public Comments on the United States Patent and Trademark Office
"Revised Interim Utility Examination Guidelines"

64 FR 71440, Dec. 21, 1999, corrected 65 FR 3425, Jan. 21, 2000

NOTE: Comments submitted in electronic form were reformatted for margin and font consistency. Comments submitted on paper were scanned. Comments were listed alphabetically by individuals and then by organizations. Comments that addressed both the Utility and the Written Description Guidelines have been reproduced in both comment packages.
Comment 1 Sailen Barik
Comment 2 Gail E. Bundy
Comment 3 Toby Cockcroft
Comment 4 George Corey
Comment 5 Jennifer Dzielawa
Comment 6 Dennis Easter et al.
Comment 7 Andrew Fortier
Comment 8 Samuel A. Fortner
Comment 9 James H. Gorrell
Comment 10 Gemunu H. Gunaratne
Comment 11 Glenn Haller
Comment 12 Maxine C. Hart
Comment 13 Mary J. C. Hendrix
Comment 14 Jim Huber
Comment 15 John James
Comment 16 David G. Kaufman
Comment 17 Pauline Frances Lane
Comment 18 Laura Mantle
Comment 19 Jenna J. McCannaha
Comment 20 Alison McKay
Comment 21 Dan McKay
Comment 22 Gillian M. McKay
Comment 23 Steve Openshaw
Comment 24 David Resnick
Comment 25 Steven E. Scherer
Comment 26 Marjorie E. Stevens
Comment 27 Heather Stone
Comment 28 Tyler Ward
Comment 29 Stephen S. Wolfe
Comment 30 Medora Woods
Comment 31 American Intellectual Property Law Association / Louis T. Pirkey
Comment 32 American College of Medical Genetics / R. Rodney Howell
Comment 33 American Physiological Society / Alice W. Ra'anan
Comment 34 American Society of Human Genetics / Ronald Worton
Comment 35 Association of American Medical Colleges / Jordan J. Cohen
Comment 36 Association for Molecular Pathology / Debra G.B. Leonard
Comment 37 Biotechnology Industry Organization / Charles E. Ludlam
Comment 38 Genentech, Inc. / Sean A. Johnston
Comment 39 Indigenous Peoples Council on Biocolonialism / Debra Harry
Comment 40 MJ Research / Michael Finney
Comment 41 National Academy of Science / Bruce Alberts
Comment 42 National Advisory Council for Human Genome Research of the National Institutes of Health / Wylie Burke et al.
Comment 43 National Breast Cancer Coalition / Fran Visco
Comment 44 National Institutes of Health / Jack Spiegel
Comment 45 National Organization for Rare Disorders / Abbey S. Meyers
Comment 46 BioIndustry Association/Andrew Sheard
Comment 47 David Brautigan
Comment 48 Valerie Phillips
Comment 49 Jennifer Tansey
Comment 50 Andrew Kimbrell
Comment 51 Incyte Genomics, Inc.

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