COMMISSIONER LEHMAN:  If not, I would just like to
       make one comment before concluding our hearings this
       For the benefit of the people who are here and who
       stayed this whole time, we have obviously a lot of people
       who are very interested in the well-being of our
       intellectual property system.
       I would just like to say that, since I have had
       the benefit of being at the Patent and Trademark Office for
       nearly two years, now, it is my observation that the quality
       of the people who work there, the quality of people who it
       has produced over the years who have gone on to the private
       bar, who served the intellectual property system of the
       United States and the world, has been extremely high.  
       In fact, I would venture to say that it is the
       highest in the entire world and does great honor to our
       country.  I have had the occasion, in these last two years,
       which is a very rare one, that very few people have the
       opportunity to do and that is, to travel around the world
       and have to deal with foreign governments and foreign
       One can talk about bureaucrats in the United
       States and tear down our country, but there is none other
       better in the world.  There is no society that has ever
       existed in the history of the human race with 250 million
       people and all of the diverse interests that we have, that
       works as well as ours does.
       This hearing, this process that brought us here
       today, is an example of this.  This doesn't take place any
       place else in this planet.
       If you want to know what a bureaucrat is like,
       then I invite you to go deal with some of our foreign
       I know some comments were made, and part of the
       bureaucrat's responsibility, the civil servant's
       responsibility, is to toil tirelessly in our Office and take
       it when it is dished out to them.
       But as an appointee of the United States, I don't
       have to take that, and I want to stand up for those people
       and I want to tell people here that I don't appreciate it
       when the motivations and honesty and integrity of our
       employees at the Patent and Trademark Office are impugned.
       We will reconvene this afternoon at 1:00 p.m., for
       a hearing on the restoration issues.
       [At 11:29 a.m., the public hearing was recessed,
              to reconvene at 1:00 p.m., on the same day.]