COMMISSIONER LEHMAN:          This completes the list of
       persons who asked in advance to testify.  Are there any
       other people that have signed up?
       [No response.]
       COMMISSIONER LEHMAN:          If there is no one else who
       would like to testify, let me mention that written comments
       can be received until February 17, 1995, and a transcript of
       the hearing, as I mentioned in the opening statement, will
       be available, as well as all the written comments received. 
       They can be reviewed probably about March 3, 1995,
       in Room 520 of Crystal Park 1, which is 2011 Crystal Drive.
       They will also be available on the Internet
       through FTP, and the address is FTP.USPTO.GOV.
       All written comments and the oral comments made
       here today will be taken into consideration before any final
       rules are published.
       Since we are under time limitation, any comments
       received after February 17, 1995, cannot be assured of
       This concludes today's hearing.  I want to thank
       everybody who participated for helping us work through these
       [Whereupon, at 3:09 p.m., the public hearing was