[1:06 p.m.]
       COMMISSIONER LEHMAN:  I would like to welcome
       everybody to our afternoon session.  For those of you who
       were not here this morning, let me again introduce myself.
       I am Bruce Lehman, and I am the Assistant
       Secretary of Commerce and Commissioner of Patents and
       Trademarks.  To my immediate left is Michael K. Kirk, the
       Deputy Assistant Secretary and Deputy Commissioner of
       Patents and Trademarks.  To his left is Lawrence J. Goffney,
       the Assistant Commissioner for Patents, and then, Stephen
       Kunin, the Deputy Assistant Commissioner for Patent Policy
       and Projects, and Nancy Linck, the Patent and Trademark
       Office Solicitor.
       And finally, Elizabeth Dickinson, Office of
       General Counsel, of the Food and Drug Administration.  We
       welcome you to the PTO, Ms. Dickinson.
       This afternoon, we are going to hear from
       witnesses regarding the effects of the 20-year patent term
       on patent expiration dates and patent term extension under
       35 U.S.C. 156.
       A request for comments relating to this issue was
       published on January 17, 1995, in Volume 60 of the Federal
       Register at pages 3398 and 3399. 
       Let me state, as I did this morning, that a
       transcript of this hearing also will be prepared and a copy
       will be made available for purchase by the public
       approximately 10 days after the hearing.  Copies will also
       be available directly for purchase from the stenographer and
       the name of the stenographic service is Miller Reporting,
       and if you want to call them directly, their number is
       Of course, copies are available for examination by
       the public for absolutely no charge, here in the Patent and
       Trademark Office, as well.
       I would like to reiterate that, due to the number
       of requests to appear orally, we have asked each speaker to
       try to limit their comments to 10 minutes.  Any people who
       wish to speak and haven't previously told us about their
       desire, I requested to add their names to the list that is,
       I think, located on one of the back tables in the rear of
       the room.
       You may also pick up at that table, copies of the
       Federal Register publication noticing the hearing.
       When you present your comments, I would appreciate
       it if you would give your name and address and whether the
       comments presented are your own or whether you have been
       authorized to present them on behalf of a law firm or a
       company or an organization, that you might represent.