COMMISSIONER LEHMAN:  Thank you very much, Mr. Tegtmeyer.  If there
        are no questions, that brings us to the end of our scheduled
        witnesses.  Is there anyone else here who would like to present
        [No response]
        COMMISSIONER LEHMAN:  If not, let me mention that the written
        comments can be received until February 17, 1995.  A transcript of
        this hearing, as soon as it is available, as well as the written
        comments that we have received, will be available for review on or
        about March 3rd, in Room 520 of Crystal Park One, which is at 2011
        Crystal Drive.  These comments will also be available on the
        Internet through the anonymous file transfer protocol, that is FTP,
        address FTP.USPTO.GOV.  All written comments and the oral comments
        made here today will be taken into consideration before proposed
        rules are published.  Any written comments received after February
        17, 1995, however, can't be assured of consideration.  I want to
        thank everybody for coming.  It has been very useful to me to hear
        these comments.  It is a good example of the value of doing things
        in the sunshine, hearing what everybody else has to say.  So, this
        concludes today's hearing and I want to thank everybody for coming
        out on a snowy day like this.  [Whereupon, at 12:38 p.m., the
        hearing was concluded.]
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