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Collage showing images with one-word descriptors from the U S P T O Fiscal Year 2009 Performance and Accountability Report cover that reinforces the report’s tagline of Today’s Challenges – Tomorrow’s Solutions.
Performance and Accountability Report Fiscal Year 2009
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This Performance and Accountability Report was produced with the energies and talents of the USPTO staff. To these individuals we would like to offer our sincerest thanks and acknowledgement.

In particular, we would like to recognize the following organizations and individuals for their contributions:

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Office of the Under Secretary and Director – Norma Rose; Office of the Chief Administrative Officer – Karen Smith; Office of Corporate Planning – Joan Bolton, Ali Emgushov, and Joy Fulton; Office of Finance – Shana Willard, Dennis Detar, and Mark Krieger; Office of Public Affairs – Ruth Nyblod, Jennifer Rankin Byrne, and Dennis Forbes; Office of External Affairs – Judy Grundy, Kristine Schlegelmilch, Cherie Kazenske, and Janette Brown; Office of the Chief Information Officer – Scott Williams, Keith VanderBrink, and Maureen Brown; Office of the General Counsel – Mary Kelly and Kord Basnight; Office of the Commissioner for Patents – Jack Buie and David Fitzpatrick; Office of the Commissioner for Trademarks – Debbie Cohn, Robert Allen, and Karen Strohecker.

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We would also like to acknowledge the Office of the Inspector General and KPMG LLP for the professional manner in which they conducted the audit of the FY 2009 Financial Statements.

We offer special thanks to AOC Solutions, Inc. and The DesignPond for their outstanding contributions in the design and production of this report.

To send comments or get additional information about this report, please contact:

Office of Corporate Planning
600 Dulany Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 571-272-3333
Fax: 571-273-0127

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