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Collage showing images with one-word descriptors from the U S P T O Fiscal Year 2009 Performance and Accountability Report cover that reinforces the report’s tagline of Today’s Challenges – Tomorrow’s Solutions.
Performance and Accountability Report Fiscal Year 2009
Independent Auditors' Report

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Exhibit II – Status of Prior Year Significant Deficiencies


Status of Prior Year Significant Deficiencies
Prior Year
Fiscal Year 2009
Financial Management Systems Need Improvement
Weaknesses in general controls were identified in four FISCAM review areas. The USPTO should monitor actions to ensure effective implementation of our recommendations. Still considered a significant deficiency (see comments in Exhibit I).
Receipts Accounting Segregation of Duties
USPTO did not maintain adequate segregation of duties over responsibilities throughout the receipts accounting function. The USPTO should perform an internal review over responsibilities throughout the receipts accounting function, to ensure that appropriate segregation of duties is maintained. During FY 2009, the USPTO implemented corrective actions to improve controls in the receipts accounting function. This is no longer considered to be a significant deficiency. This is partially repeated as a control deficiency (reported to management in a separate document).
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